Review Of Scaler Academy-Rishav Utkarsh

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Review Of Scaler Academy-Rishav Utkarsh

“If I had to put my journey with learning programming and experience with Scaler Academy in 3 words, I would say- “WHAT JUST HAPPENED!”(in a good way)”

Coming from a mechanical engineering background with physics majors, The journey of Rishav Utkarsh re-ensures the belief that if you can gather the courage to follow your deepest interests along with relentless Hard Work, It can never go in vain!

Presenting the story of our Scaler Rishav Utkarsh, Upcoming SDET, DE Shaw who is soon to start his dream career in his own words :

With a major in Physics and in Mechanical engineering from BITS Pilani, my journey is farthest from the belief that you can't learn programming if you don't come from a Computer science background.

I have always been fascinated with computers. So much so that, I used to force my parents to drop me to an aunt’s place, who owned a computer, for every weekend. I convinced them to buy me a computer, only to play games. IGI, Mario, Dave were my best friends.

My favourite subject was always Physics to a level that I decided to pursue M.Sc in Physics from a research level university like IISc.  But my parents were clear on engineering. So we drew a settlement. I joined BITS Pilani for a 5 yrs dual-degree program with B.Tech in mechanical engineering +M.Sc with Physics majors.

My journey in programming had not started until 4th year, when I was very intrigued with the way my CSE friends were working on solving programming problems. Until then, I had just studied MATLAB and some basics of C++. It instantly became a matter of Interest.

So unlike others, who learn the language first so that they can solve problems, It was diametrically the opposite for me. I wanted to learn problem solving, so I learnt languages as a medium to it and not the first goal. Obviously, with no guidance and background, most of my study experience was scattered and self-researched. I started solving problems on Hacker rank and InterviewBit.


Now, my introduction to Scaler academy(then InterviewBit Academy) is also quite a fun story. I usually go for campus walks with friends after my college. However, one day when a friend and I were randomly walking on the campus, due to heavy rains we decided to go to the hostel room. With nothing to do, we decided to appear for the Scaler entrance test. No matter how meditated this sounds, we are both super glad that day we decided to appear for the entrance exam that day. She is also a part of Scaler academy today.
"One thing you should know about me is that I’ve been a major procrastinator all my life, but not at a level that I would abandon tasks."
I remember, I had to submit a very major thesis in my final year, for which everyone had been working for the past 2-3 months.I completed a coursera course in one night and submitted the thesis the next morning, which worked great.


So this reminded me of my happiest moment during the program, when due to my procrastination, I had a Problem solving percentage(cumulation of assignment and homework percent) at a low 30%. I worked religiously for a month, improving 2-3% and I moved from 30-70% in a month’s span. Seeing the bar reach 70%, my happiness knew no limit.
One thing I really admire about the program is that the course curriculum so appropriately structured that that it prepares you for every aspect a top tech company looks for.

I recently bagged an amazing offer from DE Shaw and I highly credit the entire team of Scaler Academy who supported me all throughout my preparation .
I have a joining next month and this feels so surreal, to say the least.

My success would be incomplete without my mentor Himanshu Sir who was very helpful during the mock interviews and regular motivational sessions. I really admire his punctuality and availability despite his hectic schedule. I really appreciate the support of my student success manager, Moitreyee Ma’am who kept believing in me and assuring me when I was not very confident.

My single piece of advice for all the juniors is that the Scaler academy program is a learning program and is 100% effective if you want to become a better Developer. I recommend it to anyone who has an interest in problem-solving and wishes to explore a career in technology, regardless of their current background. You would not be disappointed if you approach it with a learning and growth mindset.
Scaler Works.
I am a proud Scaler!


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