Scaler Diaries: Naresh Kumar's Journey to Microsoft

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Scaler Diaries: Naresh Kumar's Journey to Microsoft

My journey has, by no means, been conventional. I took biology in high school, graduated in electrical engineering and somehow ended up as a software engineer.

All of these educational experiences were totally unrelated but that didn’t stop me from landing up at Microsoft.

Even after my initial years of work experience, I didn’t know a single programming language. I learnt them much later. By the abstractness of my experiences, I wish to highlight that everyone’s journey is unique. Eventually, it all comes down to your interest, aptitude and effort.

My journey wasn’t a cakewalk though. For my bachelors, I studied in a tier-III college. Of course it wasn’t an IIT standard college, but it was a good college. During campus placements, I got placed at Accenture. For the entirety of my time at Accenture, I was involved in database management. Initially it helped me increase my knowledge about database management. But you know how after a certain point of time you feel that you have been in a place for far too long to grow anymore. That’s exactly what happened to me. I had exhausted all possible learning avenues after 3.5 years. I was looking for jobs when I received an offer from a company in Hyderabad.  

I moved to Hyderabad for my second job. Unlike my previous job, this job widened my learning horizons. While researching, I came across advanced-level Data structure and algorithms. With the resolution of mastering this topic, I started learning about DS Algo from the internet. I used to watch youtube videos, read content on websites and attend a few workshops.

Subsequently, I started giving more interviews when I felt that I have improved my knowledge level. But despite all my effort, I was getting rejected from every interview. I wouldn’t even make it through all the rounds to qualify for feedback. I even made changes to my resume and linkedIn profile but nothing worked at all.  It frustrated me to not know what I was doing wrong. It was after 10 months of my struggle that I decided to give Scaler a try.

Before Scaler, I used to watch free video tutorials to solve my doubts. It gave me clarity but to a limited extent only. These tutorials would help me solve the problems with their own approach. This didn’t help satiate my residual curiosity about what was wrong with my approach in the first place. But with TAs at Scaler, I used to get personalized feedback for every query. This helped me reduce time in solving similar problems and made my practice hours much more efficient.

The interview channel on the community portal of Scaler also helped me from repeating the mistakes in the interviews that other batchmates got rejected for. After the HLD and LLD part, I started giving interviews again. Once I was able to crack the interviews of small companies, I started trying for product-based companies. Many opportunities came through Scaler and I finally landed up at Microsoft.

While people often just share their ultimate success, I won’t shy away from admitting my dejection after interviews and how I felt down for months together. These were as much a part of my journey as clearing the interview for Microsoft. At the cost of reiterating, I recommend you to believe in the uniqueness of your journey. While examples of people getting high-paying jobs in big companies can motivate you, they can never be exactly replicated. What worked for them might not work for you.

Besides, from my journey I can affirm that once we set our minds on something, we can achieve almost anything!


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