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What makes Scaler Learners a ‘Perfect Fit’ for your company

Trained to meet industry standards

Industry-vetted curriculum includes DSA, CS fundamentals, System Design, Data Analytics and Data Science.


Placement rate

Driven to create impact

Majority of Scaler alumni ideated and developed new products that led to company-wide shoutouts within a year of joining


Alumni appreciated by employers

Taught by MAANG Experts

Veterans from Top Companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon etc. guide & instruct our learners


Instructors from foremost tech companies

Preferred by top product companies

More than 300 of our Alumni are hired by top tech companies like Microsoft, Google, Uber, Paypal, VMWare, Adobe, Intuit and many more


alumni hired by

Get access to Scaler talent and their detailed skills profile via our Talent Portal

Hire from Scaler

Here's how you can Hire from Scaler

Hire from Scaler
  • A two minute sign up process
  • Our customer success team calls you to review your requirements
  • Once your account is approved, post your jobs
  • Our learners apply to these opportunities
  • Interview the applicants and update status on the portal
  • Make offers to candidates who fit your criteria!
Opt for assistance from Talent Specialists

Get assistance from Scaler's talent specialists

  • Chat with the enterprise team and explain them your needs
  • Get assigned a talent specialist, explain them the skills you require
  • Talent team helps you identify the right talent from our learner pool
  • Make Quality Hires

Break the bias, go beyond Ivy league degrees & experience while hiring

Break the bias, do skill driven hiring

Dear Recruiter,
Scaler urges you to go beyond the set norms while hiring. Shake hands with us in our Skills over Degree revolution to create a level-playing field in the Tech Industry.

Break the bias, do skill driven hiring
  • All learners are independently pre-assessed for their skills
  • The assessment scores are shared along with their skill profiles
  • Enabling you access to highly skilled talent
  • And, improving your hiring rates and time to hire
  • Making you a part of a bigger cause

Companies cherish Scaler learners

2500+ Scaler learners hired by 500+ tech companies

and 500 + companies

Leading tech companies’ managers have hired from us

Hear what they have to say about our learners

It was incredible working with Scaler. The applicants are great at critical thinking and ideating. We have made quite a number of offers and most of them have joined us
I would like to thank Scaler Academy for nurturing a pool of talented engineers who became part of our team in the last few months. We look forward to the continued engagement with team Scaler Academy.
Thankyou Scaler for help us hire trained software developers. Great job training the candidates in advanced data structures and algorithms which has led to good hires. The Scaler team is very proactive and have helped us setup interviews at the shortest notice.
I consider Scaler as a Partner to our growth. Folks at Scaler are immensely talented with high attention to detail. Scaler focuses on quality over quantity- Making our hiring easier
We were very happy with Scaler team's efforts after onboarding 4 candidates from locations like Goa and Gurgaon. The team left no stone unturned in making our hiring process a successful venture.
Scaler has highly reduced our effort in hiring the right candidates. Also those hired are job-ready. We have had joinees within a week of working with Scaler
Its a good partnership. The team's helpful all the time
The last one year with Scaler has been a vastly positive experience. The recruitment team at Scaler is extremely cooperative and proactive and has been a huge help in our efforts to scale up our development center in India. Most of our hires have been extremely skilled and productive and are already an integral part of our growing team

Hire From Scaler

Scaler takes a step ahead to transform the Hiring process so that recruiters (like you) can connect with the industry leaders of tomorrow