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Code to Learn, Code to Win

CodeX Referrals Update 

The referrals window for CodeX is now closed. No more referrals will be considered.

Do not worry - all your successful referrals until now have been logged and recorded. We thank you for your support in making CodeX a success and we shall be getting you your rewards as soon as possible.

Please expect communication about your referral rewards from our team in 2-3 weeks after closing of the learning mode on 25th April, 2021.

1 valid referral* = 1 person, who 
  • Registered with your link
  • Participated in and submitted the test
*T&C Apply.


What is CodeX?

Scaler CodeX is a pan-India coding contest for software developers. It has something for everyone -

  1. High-quality practice
  2. Opportunity to learn & improve
  3. Exciting awards, bragging rights, and much more!

Join us on our Discord server and Telegram Group to engage with our community of thousands of like-minded people.

Who is it for?

Engineered to help coding students & working professionals


What do I stand to get out of it
For all participants
  • Get practice - Quality questions on key topics that feature commonly in interviews
  • Get better - Performance analysis that lays out where you need to get better and how to get there
  • Get guidance - Counselling call to understand if and how Scaler can help you improve on the gaps

For top performers 

  • Get rewarded - Cash, scholarships & merchandise worth over 70 Lakhs
  • Get noticed - Top rankers' profiles get circulated among our prestigious employer partners
  • Get guidance - Top rankers get a mentorship session with our founders or with one of our most-experienced mentors from the Scaler Academy platform
  • Get access - Top working professional performers get direct entry into the Academy program. College students are ineligible for scholarships & enrollment into Scaler Academy - please see the "About CodeX" section below for more details.

For women coders

  • Under CodeX-For-Her, we have some exciting events & rewards planned exclusively for women coders as a part of Scaler Include, Scaler's program aimed at enhancing female participation in India’s tech workforce! 
  • Attend exclusive fireside chats with inspiring women techies, as they share with us their experiences & learnings on managing aspirations & expectations, breaking the glass ceiling & carving out their own paths. 
  • Top working professional performers get sponsored scholarships from leading tech firms, the chance to get mentored by senior women leaders and the chance to make a strong impression with potential employers. College students are ineligible for scholarships & enrollment into Scaler Academy - please refer to "About CodeX" section below for more details.
Our Partners

Diversity Partners

Event Partners

Show me all the benefits!


Tell me more about the coding contest
  • Duration: 2.5 hours
  • Timing:
    • Competitive mode: 8 PM, 09th April 2021 to 8 PM, 11th April 2021
    • Learning mode: 8 PM, 09th April 2021 to 8 PM, 25th April 2021 
  • Mode
    • Competitive mode: Feature on the leaderboard, stand a chance to win exciting rewards, and get noticed by top recruiters in the tech ecosystem
    • Learning mode: Don't compete, instead give the test for practice & to find out how you compare with our top contestants. Your performance won't be made public!
  • Topics: Aptitude, DSA, and LLD
  • Difficulty: 3 tiers of questions - easy, medium & elite
  • Question type: MCQ, code completion & coding
  • Eligibility: Open to all
About CodeX
  • CodeX is open to all for participation. All CodeX rewards are also open to all participants, however scholarships & entry into Scaler Academy program are restricted to only working professionals. College students who are graduating in 2021 or later are ineligible for scholarships & test exemptions to join Scaler Academy
  • Scaler will be verifying the identity of all rankers before finalising the winners. This process may take upto 4 weeks
  • Webcam is mandatory for this test. Without a webcam you will not be allowed to take the test
  • Minimum internet bandwidth required for attempting the test is 500 kbps
  • Anyone caught indulging in plagiarism before, during or after the contest will be disqualified and won’t be eligible for any prizes
  • In order to be eligible for a scholarship, a participant must score at least minimum cut off score in CodeX and be a working professional. College students who are graduating in 2021 or later are ineligible for the scholarship & to join Scaler Academy. Engineers who have an undergraduate degree dated 2020 or earlier are considered to be working professionals
  • Basis the final test percentile, working professionals clearing the minimum eligible cut off would be exempt from appearing for Scaler Academy's entrance test
  • On winning a scholarship in CodeX as a working professional, you automatically become ineligible for any further scholarships awarded by scaler academy during the admission process
  • Participants attempting the contest in Learning mode, are not eligible for cash, scholarships and other rewards
  • Scaler's team will be spending time & resources vetting winners' performances. The decision of the Scaler CodeX team is final and irrefutable. No exceptions shall be entertained
  • You can re-attempt the test in Learning mode multiple times after appearing for competitive mode. However, the set of questions would remain the same
  • The referral window will only remain open till 8 PM, 11th April 2021, until the completion of competitive mode

That's all, folks! You now know everything you will need to ace CodeX 

Terms and Conditions
  • Each problem has a predetermined score
  • A participant's total score is the sum of the scores earned for each problem attempted.
  • If you submitted more than one solution for a problem, only the highest score achieved will be used in this calculation
  • Your ranking will depend on the score achieved by the you and the total time taken to achieve that score (starting from the user's test start time)
  • There will be a penalty of 10 minutes added to the total time taken per unsuccessful attempt
  • This is an individual participation competition. Discussing strategy during the competition will result in disqualification.
  • All submissions are checked by a plagiarism detector. Any case of code plagiarism will disqualify both users from CodeX
  • Scaler and InterviewBit decisions are final
  • Current InterviewBit employees are not eligible for prizes
  • Current Scaler learners and TAs are not eligible for prizes
  • Please expect 6-8 weeks post CodeX to receive your cash prizes
  • Prize money will be paid post deduction of applicable taxes

What is Scaler Academy

Many engineers (like us!) enter software engineering almost by mistake, are exposed to ‘old’ teaching methods and are taught to ‘cram’ content. This creates gaps in an engineer’s CS learning, makes them under confident and prevents them from accelerating in their career. 

Scaler Academy is tailor-made for engineers to master the foundations of CS (DSA & System Design) and to take their career to the next level, via: 
  • A structured, guided and industry vetted curriculum
  • Live classes by faculty who have been there, done that
  • Regular 1:1 mentorship from industry veterans 
  • Practical experience through real-life projects
  • Career support via a dedicated recruitment team, alumni network, etc.
  • Aspirational peer group of 3,500+ Scaler students & alumni
  • NEW! We've introduced 3 new electives - Advanced DSA, Concurrent Programming, and Product Management to help you further accelerate your tech career. These will be taught at the end of the course, and are completely optional. However, they provide deep insight into crucial topics, and hence, we strongly advise you to opt for them!

 The curriculum is designed to make you a solid engineer. Find out more about us at 

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