Coding Interviews: Bit Manipulation [Open to all!]
December 13, 2020 5:00 PM
December 13, 2020 8:00 PM
3 hours

About this Masterclass

Every programmer works with multitudes of data daily, and we all know how important every single byte is. With that in mind, we’re sure this Masterclass will knock your socks off.

Learn how you can gain entry into a computer’s mind, and control every step of every code. Decode and solve all the codes using the tiniest bits that make it up. Come, join us, as an ex-FB Tech Lead takes you on a binary exploration, and scale yourself up from 0 to 1 (pun intended ;)).

Know Your Instructor, Anshuman Singh [LinkedIn] :

  • Ex-Technical Team Lead at Facebook, in California, USA 
  • Worked directly with Mark Zuckerberg to build Facebook Messenger 
  • Co-founder of Scaler, InterviewBit 

Eligibility: This Masterclass is open to all, regardless of age or background! 


  • All attendees get certificates from Anshuman Singh and Scaler!
  • Please be careful while entering your details while registering since they will go on your certificate.

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