How to get noticed by top product-based tech companies?
November 22, 2020 4:00 PM
November 22, 2020 6:00 PM
2 Hours
Event Completed

About This Event

We’re sure all of you have heard of Grofers (, a company that has grown rapidly to make all our lives easier by delivering groceries, personal care, beverages, snacks, meat and so much more! Our speaker for the event, Jacob Singh was the Chief Technology and Product Officer at Grofers and helped scale their tech/product team from 50 people to 220 and also scale the business from $40M (~INR 300cr) to $600M (~INR 4,500cr) in just 2.5 years (talk about scaling large companies, phew!).

Over the 2 hours of the webinar, Jacob would talk of his own personal journey (moving from the US to India and his unique journey to become an engineer), his work at Grofers and specifically around:

  1. What are product based companies like Grofers or others look for in engineers?
  2. How should you prepare yourself to crack these companies?
  3. What skillsets are needed to be a great engineer? (he will talk about why he feels the best principal engineers are often the best writers!)
  4. What mindsets are needed (you should ask him why he feels EQ is an even more important IQ!)
  5. How does he continuously learn and keep himself updated - what books does he read, what thought leaders does he follow

We would love to hear from you on all your questions that you have for Jacob. To ask him a question, do visit (if you are prompted for an event code, type in EmployerConnect) and type in your question. Please upvote other relevant questions so we ask Jacob all the in-demand questions :)

Eligibility: All are welcome - college students and working professionals with any number of years of experience

About Jacob (Linkedin profile is HERE)

Jacob is an experienced general and technical manager with 20+ years of experience. He is bi-lingual and bi-cultural and has built teams/products, sold products and delivered consulting extensively in both the US and India. Most recently, he was the Chief Technology and Product Officer for Grofers (, India’s largest online discount supermarket.
He currently works with CTOs, CPOs and their teams to be a sounding board for their ideas, and help grow the cultures and systems they dream of.

About the “Employer Connect” series:

Many engineers have questions on how to advance their career in tech, the skills and mindsets that they need and what companies look for when hiring. Scaler’s EmployerConnect series strives to bring top CTOs and Heads of Engineering to you! Grab this opportunity to ask them all your questions


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