Learn-A-Thon: where Intellects Learn, Compete, Explore!
October 11, 2020 2:00 PM
October 11, 2020 7:00 PM
5 hours

About Learn-a-Thon:

Learn-a-thon is a first-of-its kind, 3-stage learning event where you learn, compete and explore with other working-professional programmers.

It will be conducted in 3 stages:

Stage 1: Learn - You would be taught a super important topic of Dynamic Programming for 1.5 hours. This session would be LIVE, and would be taken by our lead instructor.

Stage 2: Compete - A 2 hour long contest will cover all that you learned and will help you test your tech skills.

Stage 3: Explore - No matter how you performed in the contest, a detailed, LIVE, 1.5 hour problem-solving session immediately post the contest will resolve all your queries. This would be filled with lots of information, tips and tricks and would be taken by the same instructor who took the initial 1.5 hour class (that was held before the contest).

Please note that stage 1, stage 2 and stage 3 would happen continuously, one after the other, with no break in between. We will provide you with the link of the sessions and the link of the test for you to take!

There are also some really exciting Scaler goodies for different categories and years of experience. Plus, certificates for everyone!

We love people who are passionate about learning! It's important to appreciate and reward individuals who showcase a desire to learn, compete and improve. Hence, there are several exciting awards for the best performers, as well as goodies & official event certificates for all participants to verify that they have taken part in this effort to upskill and improve.

Goodies include:

  1. Top 3 winners - INR 5k worth OnePlus Buds
  2. JBL earphones worth 1k to the following each category
    • Top 3 women winners 

    • Top 3 winners in <3 years of experience

    • Top 3 winners in 3-6 years of experience

    • Top 3 winners in 6+ years of experience

  3. Any lucky 5 (basis participation only) - get 30 min 1:1 career counselling with our co-founder, Abhimanyu Saxena. Linkedin Profile
  4. Everyone gets certificate of participation


Just One. Working professional with one or more years of tech experience. That’s it!

About the Instructor:

One of the earliest tech team members and most preferred instructor, Kshitij Mishra, is every student’s favourite. He is always on top of our charts. Before joining us 3.5 yrs back, he worked with Snapdeal at SDE 2 position. He managed the entire codebase of Snapdeal seller search services, and made Snapdeal move from the highest available AWS to the lowest in just 4 months.
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