Scaler Academy helped me be organised in my practice.

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Scaler Academy helped me be organised in my practice.

Consistency is the biggest key available to open the treasure that is success.

Success and knowledge are not mutually exclusive. If you do not learn and apply, there can be no success for you to look forward to.

Things that you learn at school might not seem like things you need in life. Still, when you break down a math problem into bits and pieces to solve it part by part, you are learning how to look at enormous, impossible-to-solve difficulties of life in a manner that make them look solvable and conquerable.

My name is Raj Singh, and I work at Ivy Comptech as a Senior Software Engineer.

As a child, I wasn’t very academic. I never had any plans or passion for being an engineer then. My inclination towards engineering developed only later in life. I come from a small city, so it took quite some time for me to adjust to the new town, the people, and their ways. Thankfully, I found fellow Biharis there, so overall, I had a pretty good experience in college.

My interview experience was strange because it was virtual. It is very easy to mess up things on a virtual interview because you don’t have the chance to explain things the way you do in a “normal” setting. Nonetheless, in every kind of interview, you need ten minutes to settle those hyperactive nerves. So, despite it being virtual, the interview wasn’t too bad, considering I got the job.

Because I was already working full-time before I applied for a position at Ivy Comptech, my preparation had to be consistent. I was advised to be very organized and punctual in my practice. A piece of advice that I took to my heart with Scaler Academy’s help.

The mentors and the instructors gave me tips and tricks that I followed religiously and consistently. These tips and tricks made me confident and assured me of my capabilities. The academy provides you with everything you need to be a software engineer. It taught me to break down the problems so I can get started on things I know how to solve and figure out the rest on the way.

It must be understood that success doesn’t come without wisdom and knowledge. You cannot secure a job just by joining Scaler and completing the course. You cannot expect results if you have not put consistent efforts to achieve the goal. It takes time, and you have to be patient with it.

This will be my only advice for the aspirants of a good job as well: Always be consistent. There is no way you can escape hard work. For college-going students, they must pay particular attention and work harder on projects. Not only do they teach you a lot, but they also get you acquainted with how things work outside the college, in real life.

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