Scaler Diaries: Sumit Kumar Roy's Journey to Sigmoid Analytics

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Scaler Diaries: Sumit Kumar Roy's Journey to Sigmoid Analytics

Having come from a lower-middle-class family in Siliguri, West Bengal with an average academic background, tier-one colleges that offered college placements for their students were things my dreams were made of.

As a result, I decided to shift to Hyderabad to broaden my prospects and enrolled in a college there, mainly because of its affordability and accessibility. However, still without any good job placements, I had to pull my socks and swim against the current in the river named life!

My only aspiration in life used to be getting a white collared job with a stable income. But besides that, dabbling in technology was something that made me feel alive. My parents supported me wholeheartedly as they watched my passion for technology bloom! The idea of building the literal future of our planet, no matter how small my part may be, fascinated me enough to steer my career in that direction.

My father has been the biggest inspiration in my life because of his hard-working nature and his spirit of asking for more out of life. His energy has rubbed off on me because even with the job that I have today, I always try to go out of the way to achieve more. My entrepreneurial dreams are an extension of what I have seen my father be, even in the worst of conditions.

Through all of these dreams and ambitions, if there is one thing that I always go back to in moments of stress and frustration, it would have to be playing basketball. There’s something about channeling your energy in sports that gives you a much needed respite from the cat and dog race of day to day life. The game is what calms me down in my worst moments, and I plan on playing it as long as I can. Stagnancy, however, took away that sense of calm. Like many, I found myself stuck in a never-ending loop of the corporate structure. It wasn't until some months later that my expenditure started exceeding my salary, and I actively  started looking for an upgrade in the industry.  

I discovered Scaler through the founder's very own nascent coding platform: InterviewBit. I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to learn more, so once I joined Scaler, much like the company around me, including the TAs, mentors, and batchmates, my life also started changing for the better.

My favourite instructor from the lot was Vinamr Goyal. I like him so much because he always fixated on theory more than the problem at hand which prepared us for all that the future held for us. I clearly remember when he analyzed interviews like a game of chess between two players. One really important piece of advice that he gave me was to gate-keep our techniques from our interviewers and keep our confidence in our solution guarded at all costs.

What helped me the most was the line of top companies I had access to for interviews. I didn’t have to worry about the tiresome process at all. I dedicated myself entirely to the preparations, and everything else was taken care of in the best possible way.

Currently I am at Sigmoid but in the long run, I can see myself working for a company like Google because of the instrumental role it plays in today's world -  Being able to become a part of the transformation of the world is something that I believe to be my true calling. With my boosted confidence, even this dream seems like an achievable one, and I plan on trying harder for it every day.

I began understanding consistency as a way of life because of Scaler's unending support throughout my initial professional journey of getting placed at Sigmoid Analytics. With the proper guidance and curriculum, I achieved my dream of financial independence in the best possible way, and I am nothing but grateful for the same.

My only advice to students learning through Scaler right now is to have faith in their journey. Never hesitate to give your all to your dream, and everything else will fall into place.

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