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We also refer our students to Europe and South East Asia
We also refer our students to Europe and South East Asia

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18-35 LPA

18-35 LPA

Average Scaler Alumni Salary Range



Average Jumps in Alumni Salaries



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Industry Tested Course Curriculum

We have reverse engineered our curriculum by talking to the best companies and understanding what skills the industry needs the most right now.

New Batch for experienced candidates (1-5 Years) starts on

27th Jan 2020

Week 01-05
Pre course work, Language basics, OOP, Low level design, Design a parking lot
Week 06-10
Arrays, Math, Binary search, Strings, Bit manipulation, Two pointers, Linked list, Stack and Queues, Recursions, Backtracking, Basic DP, Trie
Week 11-15
Heaps and Maps, tree basic, Greedy, DBMS, Networks, OS Basics, Network, Shell
The next phase of the course will be based on your preference and performance till now.
Week 16-20
Tree (Advanced) dynamic programming (Advanced) Advanced binary search graphs
Week 16-20
Web architecture, HTML, CSS, Javascript, React Basics
Week 21-25
Segment trees, BIT trees BFS, DFS, Dijkstra’s algorithm, MST, KMP, Suffix Tree, Suffix array, Disjoint Set Basic Game theory (Game of Nim), Meet in the middle.
Week 21-25
React advanced, Backend services, Integration, Deployment, Site optimization.
Week 26-30
2 mock interviews per day, Puzzles Online tests, Group discussions, Project presentation.
Week 26-30
2 mock interviews per day, Puzzles Online tests, Group discussions, Project presentation.
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Fullstack Engineer Jobs

Program Details

Scaler Community

An ecosystem of personal mentor, TAs and lecturers ensure you learn right things at right pace. Post that, your career coach helps you find a job that you love.

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Teach you the course curriculum during the live lectures, covering all the topics in an effective manner.

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Guides you through the whole program, giving helpful tips on the course and the current industry trends.

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Help you understand lecture concepts and give 1:1 guidance during the whole course.

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Connects you with companies and helps you prepare for your dream job.

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You will join a group of like-minded motivated coders, helping each other.


A payment plan of your choice



Pay us 17% of your base salary for 2 years if you get a job paying more than the Minimum Guaranteed CTC. Max. payment - 3 Lakhs.

Prepaid Without Guarantee

Pay ₹1,50,000 one week after joining Scaler. Classic tuition fee model.

What Scaler offers

  • Industries best instructors
  • A dedicated personal mentor
  • Professional Teaching Assistants
  • Your own Career Coach
  • Access to the Scaler Community
  • Program completion certificate
  • First class support
  • Industry tested curriculum
  • Introductory week free of charge

Postpaid Payment Calculator

Add offer details to know how much you will have to pay

Estimate your annual salary



You will pay

Total payable

Monthly payment

Total duration of EMI will be


Don’t want to calculate? Here are some other offer calculations

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Offer (in lakhs/ Annum) 17 % for 2 Yrs Total Payable (In lakhs) Monthly Payment
40 L 13.6 L 3.0 L ₹50000.0 (in 6 Months)
35 L 11.9 L 3.0 L ₹42858.0 (in 7 Months)
28 L 9.5 L 3.0 L ₹37500.0 (in 8 Months)
24 L 8.2 L 3.0 L ₹33334.0 (in 9 Months)
20 L 6.8 L 3.0 L ₹27273.0 (in 11 Months)
18 L 6.1 L 3.0 L ₹25000.0 (in 12 Months)
15 L 5.1 L 3.0 L ₹20000.0 (in 15 Months)
10 L 3.4 L 3.0 L ₹13637.0 (in 22 Months)
< 7 L < 3.4 L 0 L ₹0 (No need to pay anything)

Maximum payable amount

Fees capped at 3 Lakhs

Let's say you get a job that pays 25L. 17% of that would be 8.5L, but the payments will stop immediately after as we receive 3L.

You will be charged

17% of base salary

You only have to start paying once you land a job offering more than the Minimum Guaranteed CTC (calculated after you take the entrance Test).

The Postpaid plan length

Payment duration is 2 years

The duration of the payment agreement is 2 years. Payments stop once you pay 3 Lakhs or after 2 years.

No upfront commitment

First week is free

The first week of Scaler is on us! If you decided to continue, a formal contract will be sent to you to sign.

Frequently Asked Questions

At the moment Scaler is a program for software engineers. The program has different classes each month, catering to various levels of coding experience. Make sure to follow our announcements to find out the latest information.
Scaler is a 6 month program.
We try to adjust the timing of the program to cater for the students. The classes are held either in early mornings or late evening, to make sure neither your studies or work is impacted.
All lectures are recorded and you will have access to the recordings after the lecture is completed.
The program has a fixed schedule, during which you will have to attend lectures with a dedicated professor, Teaching Assistant, and personal mentor. 3 hour daily commitment is required for the next 6 months is required in order to achieve positive results.
During the mid and end of semesters we will be conducting remedial classes to cover skipped topics.
Yes, you will receive a certificate of Scaler program completion.
Yes, definitely! We are launching classes for experienced developers every few months. If you have already applied for Scaler, you will be notified via email about the future classes.
Entrance Test ensures that you would be able to participate in the program and easily follow its contents. There are 2 outcomes: either you pass the test and join the upcoming class, or we help you figure out your weak areas for now. In the latter case, we tell you our exact assessment and give you a set of study recommendations. You can then participate in the next upcoming class.
  • Basic Coding: we will check whether you understand loops, conditional statements and if you understand the code in depth. You should be good at debugging and dry running code.
  • Medium / Advanced coding: we will check where you are currently. This helps us customize the pace of learning in the program where it doesn't feel too slow or too fast for you.
No, college CGPA does not play any role in your entry to the program.
No, shifting moving the classes is not possible. Every class has its own unique entrance exam, which is required to be cleared as a part of that class.
Scaler is an educational initiative with a focus improving your skills and ensuring that you scale up in your desired career path. It does not have to be in a new organization. For example, if you are working in XYZ Technologies as an SDE-1 and wish to learn new skills to move up to SDE-2, Scaler would help you achieve exactly that.
We partner with over 500 companies including Amazon, Uber, Zenefits, Booking.com, Tower Research, etc. You will be referred to one of our partner companies and more at the end of your program.
You will be referred to multiple companies until you get an offer letter above the Min. Guaranteed CTC. We will also help you do significantly better in campus placements, and identify opportunities across other mediums.
You only need to interview with the companies you find interesting. However, our promise of referrals is fulfilled even if you turn down the interviews.
You can share your offer letter with us. While the Min. Guaranteed CTC can not be changed post signing the ISA, we will ensure that we help you move above the new offer and help you achieve all required skills for a quick promotion.
At the time of enrollment, you will be signing an Agreement with a PPO clause which excludes your current internship from any payment liability.
Referrals usually start after the 5th month of the program, when all DS/Algo lectures are covered and roughly 70% of the program is finished. Referrals are the last mile to test the knowledge gained during the program.
We have a wide network of partners, both in colleges and companies. Our rule of thumb is building trust between Scaler and the students.
  • Partial Postpaid: Pay us INR 50,000 at the start of the program. Pay additional 200,000 INR once you land a job paying more than your Minimum Guaranteed CTC. Total payment for this plan never exceeds 2.5 lakhs.
  • 3 lakhs postpaid: Pay 17% of your monthly gross base salary for a period of 2 years or until the cap of 3 lakhs is reached. Paid only if your annual CTC is above the promised Min CTC.
  • 1.5 lakhs upfront: Plain and simple. Classic Tuition fee model.
The total amount collected for the postpaid plan is capped at 3L. Let's say you get a job that pays 25L. 17% of that would be 8.5L, but the payments will stop immediately after as we receive 3L.
The payment is 17% of the Base Salary. The amount is to be paid only if we get you a job paying the Minimum Guaranteed CTC or higher.
If you can't get a job you do not need to pay us anything.
The program is free only for the first week. If you continue to attend the lectures, you need to pay the complete program fee.
No. Your salary hikes do not affect monthly fee.
Yes. We can connect you with our banking partners and they can help with an EMI Plan for the model of your choice. *EMI plans may have interest rates applied by the banking partner.
Scaler is an educational initiative with a focus on improving your skills and ensuring you receive your desired salary. Our payments are in sync with our mutual success, which is measured by your desired salary, thus you would be liable to pay the program fee.
You are liable to pay when you get placed above the Minimum Guaranteed CTC, irrespective of the next steps you take. If you are not planning to be in a full-time job after graduating from Scaler, we suggest not joining to avoid the financial burden while not working.
You are liable to pay when you get placed above the Minimum Guaranteed CTC, irrespective of the next steps you take.
Yes, it would not affect the payment plan. However, we will help you find a new and better job immediately.
We will keep referring you for the next 1 year from the program start date. If you still do not find a job, paying more than Minimum Guaranteed CTC using any channel, you are not liable to pay.
We would recommend you to join Scaler only if you want to get a job right after the program. If you want to join just to learn, we recommed exploring Prepaid payment plan.
Students pick their mentors themselves on a first come first serve basis.

What is the Minimum Guaranteed CTC?

The Minimum Guaranteed CTC is a number we calculate to indicate what you could earn as a minimum once you get hired after joining Scaler. For experienced professionals, the range is around 7 LPA to 40 LPA, and for the recent graduates - 5 LPA to 25 LPA. These numbers are just for information purposes - the actual number is calculated once you apply and participate in the entrance test.

How is it calculated?

Our algorithms check your performance during Scaler entrance test, also takes into account your coding profiles from websites like CodeChef, HackerRank, Top Coder, and also details your job offer details, if you have one.