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Enough navigating the multiverse of madness, End all confusion with a Comprehensive Curriculum
Spare yourself countless hours of ambiguity with a structured, actionable learning approach.
...Start acing interviews!

Week 0
Introductory Week
Introduction to your the course, icebreaking sessions, mentor selection, trial classes
8 Weeks
Programming Constructs
*Optional module, at no additional cost
Number system, Bit manipulations, Time complexity, Arrays, Sorting, Hashing, Recursion, OOPS
*Optional module, at no additional cost
21 Weeks
Data Structures & Algorithms
Arrays, Strings, Linked Lists, Trees, Tries, Heap, Backtracking, Dynamic Programming, Operating Systems
10 Weeks
System Design
Design Principles, Schema Design, SOLID, Caching, CDN, Monoliths, Quad Tress, Bookeeper + Kafka
5 Weeks
Real-world projects
Pick a specialization from fullstack, frontend or backend and work on a hands on project under expert guidance
Number system | Bit manipulations | Time complexity | Arrays | Sorting | Hashing | Recursion | OOPS
Arrays | Strings | Linked Lists | Trees | Tries | Heap | Backtracking | Dynamic Programming | Operating Systems
Design Principles | Schema Design | SOLID | Caching | CDN | Monoliths | Quad Tress | Bookeeper + Kafka
Pick a specialization from fullstack, frontend or backend and work on a hands on project under expert guidance
Want to know more about the program?
The Curriculum is Extensive, but you’ll have Expert Generals!
Meet the Teaching Army (Veterans from Top Tech Companies) who will go the extra mile for YOU!
One Size Doesn’t Fit All
1:1 Mentorship to unleash your programming potential
1:1 Mentorship to unleash your programming potential
Personalized mentorship
Regular 1:1 Sessions to Evaluate Your Progress
Regular 1:1 sessions with an industry expert to evaluate your progress
Work on Career Goals
Actionable Goals for a Defined Career Roadmap
Map out your career ambitions & get actionable inputs
Condensed Learning from Subject Experts
Condensed Learning from Subject Experts
Get a peek inside the work culture of top tech companies and learn what to expect when you make it to your dream company
Tailored Coaching for Leadership & Architect Roles
Tailored Sessions & Assistance
Schedule custom sessions to discuss your interest
Overcome Interview Jitters with Regular Mock Interviews
Through regular mock interviews with experienced leaders from MAANG and other top tech companies, you’ll overcome pre-interview nerves, get actionable feedback, and be prepared to nail interviews.
Tailored to Fit in YOUR Hectic Schedule
Evening and weekend schedule, recorded sessions, TA help, pause/resume etc.
Learn on your own Time
A comprehensive series of live lectures scheduled with your work demands in mind
Practice Model Image Practice Model Image
Learn at your own Pace
Pause your course anytime & resume it right where you left off
Practice Model Image Practice Model Image
Get access to Recorded Lectures
Every lecture is recorded to help you learn and revise at your convenience
Practice Model Image Practice Model Image
Hear what our Learners have to say
Hear from our learners
Learn how Scaler helped them achieve their dream careers
How Scaler has helped them bag their Dream Jobs
Scaler provided on-point learning material with topics I encountered in real-world interviews. Having a mentor from Microsoft gave me an edge while preparing.
It was my final year of engineering school. I was confused about career options. I went from being rejected on campus by Amazon to working there as an SDE-1. Scaler made the difference.
I took a chance on Scaler due to its reputation in the industry. After 2+ years experience, I realized I needed to be at the top of my game to make it to my dream company. Scaler got me there!
I’d like to thank Scaler for the guidance I’ve received. I’m grateful to Anshuman Singh and Abhimanyu Saxena for creating such a wonderful upskilling space.
The live classes at Scaler Academy not only helped me retain information but also helped me stand out. Every day I was getting 1% better, as they tell us!
Had it not been for Scaler, it would have taken me so much longer to join a company like Microsoft!
Talk to Me about the Pricing
Our payment plans include scholarships and financing options that make Scaler accessible to everyone. Schedule a phone call with an Academic Advisor to learn about the pricing in detail.
EMIs (Pay in Equated Monthly Installments)

You can find both no-cost EMI & standard interest EMI from our NBFC partners. See below a summary of their best plans (more details available at the time of payment)


You can also choose to avail EMI options from your credit card providers.

Scholarship Options
Way of getting exciting scholarships at Scaler Academy
  1. Get up to INR 25,000 as scholarship basis your performance in the 30 minutes entrance test! If you secure the scholarship and also opt for EMI payment, then you can pay as little as ₹9,811 per month to sign up for Scaler Academy!
Financing Options
You can avail financing options for the tuition fee. Make a down payment of $500 and the rest as monthly payments
To learn more, request a callback and our team will reach out to you
Scholarship Details
How to secure your scholarship?
You have the possibility of receiving up to a $1,100 scholarship based on your performance in the 30 minute entrance test
How do I begin my upskilling journey with Scaler?
Attend our Webinar
Take our Entrance Quiz
Make the Payment
Start Upskilling
Still not sure if Scaler Academy is the right fit for your career?
You’re working hard to take your career to the next level, and you’ve made it far! Get a glimpse of what it's like to learn at Scaler.
Still not sure if Scaler Academy is the right fit for your career?


The Scaler Academy Program is for tech professionals with more than 6 months of experience in software development. In addition to that, you must know one high-level programming language.
Designed by MAANG experts, the Scaler Academy course is not a crash course, but a comprehensive one. Our industry-vetted curriculum lets you take charge of your career for life (not just your upcoming interview). And for that, your preparation needs to be thorough. Thus, the course duration is set to align with your hustling schedule that doesn’t compromise on any in-demand topic, real-world project, or essential preparation strategy.
We understand that you have a tight schedule and sometimes life gets in the way. At Scaler, you have the liberty to pause your course when needed and resume it at a later stage.
You can avail yourself access to this course for 6 months, post-completion.
The project will enable you to:
- Work on real-life projects that prepares you for real-life situations
- Get hands-on experience in various aspects of Software Development
- Deploy projects on your own
- Add this project on Github
- Gain the edge you need for interviews
Our career support will:
  • Provide you with 1:1 mentorship & guidance
  • Make you job-ready
  • Guide you in refining your resume (LinkedIn & others)
  • Address your queries & provide you with industry insights
  • Schedule regular 1:1 mocks to help you overcome interview jitters
  • Facilitate referrals via our internal career support team & community
Getting a job is dependent on many factors, some of which are completely out of our control. Hence, we do not guarantee you a job.
Excel in interviews, make it to the top-tech companies, receive the promotion you’ve always wanted or start your own company! Scaler alumni have achieved all these.

Welcome to the Scaler family

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