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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the mostly commonly asked questions about Scaler Academy.


Scaler Academy offers a structured, flexible and guided learning program for software engineers to accelerate their career. This program is open for all software engineers irrespective of the # of years of work experience or their current place of work.

Our features are:

  1. Structured curriculum that covers CS Fundamentals and System Design via a project based approach. This curriculum has been industry-vetted and reverse-engineered by analysing what it takes to be a great engineer
  2. Live classes that are held twice a week, with the timings determined by students in the batch
  3. Tutors who have built scalable systems in the past and understand the real-life importance of DSA and System Design, not just interview-relevant material
  4. Quick doubt resolution from our 100+ Teaching Assistants
  5. Aspirational peer group and access to ScalerChat, our internal communication tool wherein you can collaborate with others on projects, get authentic interview experiences and share job-referrals
  6. Flexible curriculum that help you continue learning despite your hectic work schedule. We provide recorded lectures to view later and also allow you to move between batches at NO cost
  7. Career support - we provide job opportunities via our 100+ employer partners, mock interview services and career planning services
Please visit for more information.
Software engineers with any number of years of experience can choose to join Scaler Academy. Applicants currently in college (1st, 2nd, 3rd or final year of college) could consider to join Scaler Edge, our college student focused product. Please visit for more detail
Live classes are normally held 2 times a week, with the exact class days and timings being determined by the batch. However, given all learners would be software engineers that are currently working, the classes would be held in the late evening or night on weekdays and any suitable time over the weekends.
All lectures are recorded and you will have access to the recordings after the lecture is completed.
The program has a fixed schedule, during which you would attend live-lectures with a dedicated instructor, Teaching Assistant, and personal mentor. 15 hour weekly commitment is required for the duration of the program in order to achieve positive results.
Yes, you will receive a certificate of Scaler Academy's program completion.


Each Scaler Academy batch (a new batch is launched every month) has three sections - Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced section. All the three sections start at the same time. Applicants are sorted into the three sections based on a written entrance test. The course content does change between the three sections and the course duration is different as well. The curriculum and duration is given below. For more information, please visit and download our curriculum brochure.
  1. Advanced section -
    • The duration of this section is 31 weeks.
    • Students in this section would be taught: Problem Solving and CS Fundamentals (15 weeks) and System Design with project (15 weeks). Students can choose a specialisation between fullstack and backend engineering during the System Design module in the last 15 weeks.
  2. Intermediate section -
    • The duration of this section is 39 weeks.
    • In addition to all the content that the ‘Advanced section’ students would be taught, students of this section would be taught an additional module of Programming Constructs (8 weeks)
  3. Beginner section -
    • The duration of this section is 47 weeks
    • In addition to all the content that the ‘Advanced section’ students would be taught, students of this section would be taught an additional module of Introduction to Programming (8 weeks)
  4. Please note that the upcoming November batch would not accept applicants for the Beginner section. It would only accept applicants for the Intermediate and Advanced sections.
Yes, all sections start at the same time but end at different times, depending on the duration of the course for that section. The Advanced section ends in 31 weeks, the Intermediate section ends in 39 weeks and the Beginner section ends in 47 weeks.
Please note that the upcoming November batch would not accept applicants for the Beginner section. It would only accept applicants for the Intermediate and Advanced sections.
Your eligibility for the Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced section is decided basis an entrance test.
Depending on which section you are allotted, the duration of the course could range from 31 weeks to 47 weeks. This translates to 7 months to 11 months.


Our tutors would teach you the concepts mentioned in the course curriculum and would take live classes 3 times a week. There would be different tutors teaching different topics
Our tutors have built scalable systems in the past and understand the real-life importance of DSA and System Design, not just interview-relevant material. They have hands-on, real-life experience and don't just have theoretical knowledge. For more detail on our tutors, please visit
We have 100+ Teaching Assistants that would solve your doubts in prompt-manner. These doubts could be related to the class content or regarding the assignments.

Teaching assistants

Teaching Assistants (TAs) work closely with the tutors to help students with their assignments and homework. They answer students' doubts via chat and video call. You would interact with TA’s regularly outside of the live-class sessions to get more hands-on problem solving experience.
Teaching Assistants (TAs) mostly come from strong problem-solving backgrounds. They can be from a range of experiences but share a common interest towards coding and teaching alike.
2 Teaching Assistants (TAs) are allotted per batch of 40-50 students. This ensures each student gets enough time with their TA and gets their queries resolved instantly.
When a student has a doubt, he/she would raise a “Help Request”. This “Help Request” would be circulated within the peer group first in order to foster a sense of giving back and create a sense of community. In parallel, the Teaching Assistant is also alerted with regards to this “Help Request”. The doubt can then be either clarified via the peer group or via the Teaching Assistants via text or via video call. If a video call is done, the Teaching Assistant can also share his/her screen to resolve the issue and help you understand the concept better. These video calls are done 1:1.

Entrance test

The test will comprise of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) on the following topics:

  1. Logical reasoning and aptitude
  2. Basic mathematics (topics like permutation and combinations, probability etc.)
  3. Basic time complexity analysis
  4. Questions on figuring out the outputs of small code snippets (in any of C++/Java/Python)
Yes! We have designed the test so that it can be easily taken on mobile as well. However for best results, we would advise you to take the test in a quiet setting with minimal disruptions.
No, you do not need any special preparation for this test.
However, if you would like, you could brush up on simple concepts like arrangement, derangement, and a few simple aptitude questions. For time complexity analysis and code comprehension questions, you could choose to practice questions like :


Mentors provide personalized advice on your career. They also help you with mock interviews, help with your resume and provide career advice. Mentors do 1:1 video calls with you for 30-60 mins each for each session. It is advisable to do 2 mentor sessions every month.
Our mentors mostly work at tier 1 product companies and would be experienced software professionals. For more information, please visit
Based on your background, we offer a few mentors for you to choose from at the beginning of the course. You could choose 1 mentor of your choice from this pool. We try to ensure that your mentor is relatable to your background.
We would entertain a request to change a mentor, but a change in mentor is done only on a case-by-case basis.

Placement support

We provide three kinds of placement support:
1) Through our network with hundreds of employer partners, we would arrange for you to have access to job opportunities in order to accelerate your career or change companies.
2) Our student, tutor and mentor community frequently posts job opportunities from their network as well, via ScalerChat (please visit for details)
3) Preparation assistance via mock interviews, resume reviews etc
With the right teaching, curriculum and guidance, we are confident you will achieve your goals.
Yes! We strive to help you prepare for your job interviews via mock interviews. Mock interviews can be done in two parts:
1) Students can choose to do mock interviews with their mentors (as mentioned in the “Mentor” section of these FAQs).
2) We would connect you with a working professional in the company in which you would be interviewing. This would help you get in-depth knowledge of the company and do a more focused mock-interview to get prepared.
Our employer partners range from technology MNCs (Multinational Corporations) to fast-growing startups to companies in the financial services space. Please visit to learn more about where our alumni are placed.
Employers hire for a wide variety of roles, including full-stack engineering and backend-engineering across a range of work experience. We would be careful to ensure that you apply to companies that match your qualifications and strengths.
Employers typically hire engineers all through the year, depending on their requirements. When employers do approach us, we would make the opportunity visible to students in the batch. Students are welcome to apply for opportunities that interest them. Each opportunity would have a test associated with it and students would be referred based on their performance in these tests and other factors like attendance and their problem-solving percentage.

Tuition fee

The total tuition fee including GST is INR 2.5L. With EMI, this can drop as low as ~INR 7,200/month (equivalent to your monthly grocery bill!)
Way of getting exciting scholarships at Scaler Academy

Get up to INR 25,000 as scholarship basis your performance in the 30 minutes entrance test! If you secure the scholarship and also opt for EMI payment, then you can pay as little as INR 7,200 per month to sign up for Scaler Academy!

Yes! Via our NBFC partners, we provide a range of EMI options, from zero-interest EMI options (upto 12 months) and longer tenure loans of 24 months and 36 months. The longer tenure loans of 24 months and 36 months will include the interest cost.