I credit Scaler Academy for where I am at today.

Written by: Anshul Jain
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I remember that in my school days, I used to love fiddling with my elder sister’s computer. I was deeply fascinated by the animation software on the computer and used to try my hand at making small animation projects. I spent a lot of time growing up on the computer.

In high school, opting for the computer science stream, was therefore, a natural step. I loved the fact that computer science as a subject doesn’t involve rote learning. One just has to apply one’s mind. It is so logical—there are no formulas, and there is no requirement to learn anything by heart. I absolutely enjoy using logic to solve problems.

During my BTech and MTech years at Delhi’s Bhagwan Parshuram Institute of Technology (BPIT) and Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology (NSIT) respectively, I particularly enjoyed working on problems and learning more about Data Structures and Algorithms. In fact, I have been extremely interested in DS and Algo since high school.

However, as much as I enjoyed my classes in college, I always felt the syllabus was too theoretical and that the teaching could have been more industry-specific.

Later, while working at CaaStle in my first job as a front end developer, I saw an ad for Scaler on Facebook and I immediately registered for the program. I used to attend DS and Algo coaching classes in college as well, hence, I knew that additional training would really hone my skills. In addition to DS and Algo training, I wanted to learn more about System Design as well at Scaler Academy.

I used to face difficulty receiving referrals while working, and I wished to have a proper network to build contacts and gain referrals. This is why I was keen on joining Scaler, which is an extremely helpful community and network.

What I like best about the Scaler program is that I can find help very quickly. We have to merely raise a help request, and within ten minutes, we receive assistance. Right from my teaching instructors to my peers at Scaler, I found everyone helpful and approachable.

My peers at Scaler were all equally curious to learn and hardworking. Everyone was very focused and wanted to get the best out of the program.

Prachi Agarwal, an ex-Microsoft employee, was my mentor at Scaler. I could share problems and speak to her at any hour. She was like a buddy.

During our monthly interactions, she would help me improve my coding style. My coding style used to be very cluttered and today, it is very clean as a result. She also encouraged me to work on projects on the side.

My mentor helped me prepare before all my job interviews. She has always been eager to hear about my interview performances and the status of my job applications.

I particularly learnt a lot from Utkarsh Agarwal, Naman Bhalla and Anshuman Singh, my instructors at Scaler. They made even the trickiest DS and Algo problems appear really simple. The engaging classes and the superior quality of teaching at Scaler is my biggest takeaway from my Scaler experience.

For 365 days, we learnt concepts, received coaching, and solved problems in a very structured manner. Thus, the program ensures one’s learning journey remains consistent. This is what I will tell my juniors in the field while recommending Scaler to them. Starting training early gives you an edge over the other job aspirants. Another piece of advice I’d like to share with the student community: stay curious and never ever hesitate to ask doubts and questions.

Also, I would like to advise everyone preparing for the interviews not to forget about their health. Taking a balanced diet and working out for at least 30 minutes a day helps us to stay fit, destress and helps with greater focus.

I currently work at MakeMyTrip as a front end developer. I credit my Scaler learning growth for being able to land the job. I failed many interviews but I never gave up hope and perseverance. I am very excited to be joining Google in April 2021, which has always been my dream workplace.

I see myself becoming an expert in my area of specialisation. I would like to be the go-to person for anything and everything front-end development. In the future, I would also like to be an entrepreneur and know more about how to run a business.

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