I'm here today because of the hard work Scaler and I put in.

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I'm here today because of the hard work Scaler and I put in.

I am Praveen Kochiganti, an engineering graduate from BITS Hyderabad. I currently work at CleverTap, and this is my Scaler Academy journey.

When I was in the Mechanical Branch, during my first year of college, I realized I was more interested in Computer Science. But I wasn’t really skilled at programming. It was then that I started self learning various programming languages such as C and Java.

Once again, while I had a taste of coding, I wasn’t able to be as good as the rest. It was especially difficult for me as I was studying subjects in addition to the ones I already had for grades.

At the end of four years, neither did I get an internship of my choice nor did I end up with a job that I liked during placements. I really wanted to get into the software domain but was not able to get in despite a lot of effort. The company I was working for wasn’t even using the latest technologies, and so I decided to switch.

But even then, I was put into a testing job. I wanted to leave but due to circumstances, I had to wait for my time.

As someone who used to practice on InterviewBit, I was quick to find out about Scaler Academy when it came along. Looking at all the features being offered, I knew this was what I had been really looking for! Be it about sharpening my basics or getting mock interviews, it seemed to be offering everything.

I started giving my best towards the course and the results are here to see. And it has all been due to the collective hard work of everyone at Scaler and me.

The classes were taken by the best teachers, Kshitij sir takes the DS Algo and LLD Sessions and they are brilliant while the HLD sessions by Tarun Sir made things so easy even for someone who isn’t from a CSE background.  And lest I forget, my mentor was someone who always motivated me whenever I was down or had a bad interview. He told me the approaches and guided me really well.

Having been through some really tough phases, there’s one important piece of advice I want to share with everyone: Don’t Lose Hope.

Thank you, Scaler Academy.


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