One Year at Scaler Academy: Review- My Advice to anyone thinking to Join!

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One Year at Scaler Academy: Review- My Advice to anyone thinking to Join!

Before sharing my learning experience and journey with Scaler Academy , I would like to share a little bit background about me and my journey in tech. so far.

Heads Up : Mine is a story of a Rebel, BUT with a Cause!

You know those kids who want to have a clear logic for everything under the sun, even after constant scoldings! I am one of those.
I always used to tell my mum that “Dont worry Maa, It's not the marks that will write my future, my skills will make the difference.”  and I think Today, It is my reality.

Since my Father is a Bank employee, I was accustomed to frequent relocations after every 3-4 years. This got me very fortunate to interact with a lot of highly talented people better than me with some excelling in sports, drama etc . So all my life I had believed that I was quite an Average child. I acquired a unique talent of picking the best skills from my surroundings without getting emotionally attached.
I was always deeply passionate about computers. One of my childhood dreams was to become an Ethical Hacker. But since I ended up with a 1 lac+ rank in JEE mains, I knew I was not the first choice for IIT-NITs. Also, I decided to join the Metallurgy branch in VSSUT, Burla (which was decently known in the community back then). I was very actively involved in the Robotics society, implementing Circuital and mechanical engineering and soon became an all-rounder there. But Computer Science was always the first choice. I worked hard in the first year with 9.1 CGPA and got transferred to CS. But I felt my transition was not very welcoming and I was treated as an outcast by my teachers. So I was always connected with robotics more.

With no actual background in computer science, I did not have any internship. So I figured out the hard way to learn programming. One important revelation was during ROBOCON-2016 ( an International level Robotics competition) when one of my college seniors clearly told me - “ Why was I acting out. There is no big difference between an IITian and us. Just because they answered 4 questions better than you, does not make you less worthy. What matter most is what you do NOW”
It was truly a gut-trenching guidance. I dedicated 7 months to intensive coding with platforms like Codechef and Codeforces for ACM ICPC. I couldn’t get in but the preparation humbled me and I believe that it helped our robotics team to outperform many great teams in the ROBOCON-2017 and bag AIR-6.

However, then came the placement season and I got an offer from Infosys. Since the seniors I looked up to, also landed in similar positions, I compromised and did not appear for other openings. Also, I was deeply disappointed with the rejection at Postman, Delhivery, Samsung R&D. I knew my preparation lacked guidance and felt the need for help. I wanted someone to help me connect the dots. Here’s when I got to know about Scaler Academy through friends and immediately liked the program.

Scaler Academy is such a beautiful Learning experience for anyone who truly wants to learn the skill set needed in any top tech company today.

The program is hardcore Learning focussed, which seperates it from similar products in the market . It is very appropriately structured that they leave no stone unturned to train you according to the top tech industry requirements. Be it through Live lectures, expert personal guidance through mentors, they have got everything covered for you.

The mentor is a priceless addition to their structure . This was exactly what I lacked in my preparation. My mentor Raghavendra Singh was supremely helpful in my constant improvement, setting everyday targets and helping me pay attention to details.

I recently bagged an offer from Amazon and it was only possible because of the constant guidance from the entire team of Scaler Academy. I discussed my challenges with Abhimanyu sir around missing deadlines, pressure of time management . He heard me calmly and helped me in better decision making.

Scaler Academy helped me connect the dots and complete my puzzle. I would recommend the program 100 % firstly because I personally believe the University courses are fairly overpriced compared to the ROI they generate.
Secondly for someone hardcore focussed on learning and skill building, Scaler Academy is your solution.
I am a Proud Scaler!


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