Scaler Academy boosted my skill set along with my confidence.

Prashant Bharti
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Patience is truly the virtue that helps you acquire success.

Quality education can never be discounted on any terms whatsoever.

My name is Prashant Bharti, and I am a web developer at Paysafe.

I graduated from IIT BHU and went on to do M. Tech from IIT Dhanbad in Computer Science. As a student, my target was to be placed at a product-based company but never had I ever thought that I would procure a job at Paysafe. Being an electronic engineer is not easy because it comes with its challenges. Although I had worked as a web developer at several start-ups, I didn’t have enough computer fundamentals skills. I decided to pursue an M. Tech in Computer Science, in the final year of which, I decided to join Scaler Academy.

That is when things changed for me. The quality of education in the academy boosted my skill level and pushed me to do my best. With their industry-level experienced mock interviewers and incredibly supportive and skilled mentors, I had the required resources at my disposal, and the only thing left for me to do was work hard, and that is precisely what I did.

I am asked many questions about the importance of marks and resumes in the interview process. My personal experience with resumes has told me that they are the key to getting yourself noticed among thousands of applications. If written precisely and effectively, a resume can be your ticket to success. However, you may have done many internships and projects; only the best ones should be included in the resume. As far as marks are concerned, they are necessary but not more than a person’s skill set.

Projects also hold importance in this field. They provide you with opportunities to gain hands-on experience about things one is taught in theory. Not only are they essential in college, but also through life as well. They also make for very good resume-enhancers. Another tip I found useful is to include projects that you are sure you know perfectly, to the tiniest of details. Experienced interviewers can catch hesitation very quickly, and that can determine very significantly whether you get the job or not.

Patience and persistence are the secrets behind my success. Never stop trying. Rejections, in my opinion, are the best learning force. They are challenging to face, but once met, they allow you to analyze what you can improve to work towards being the best possible version of yourself.

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