Scaler Academy broadened my horizons, and helped better my work.

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Scaler Academy broadened my horizons, and helped better my work.

Uncertainty is the most stressful feeling… and I got my fair share of it right after college. This is my story of how I found my calling - diametrically opposite to what I had studied.

I am Himanshu Kumar, a 25 year old young adult, just finding my way in the outside world. If I were to describe my journey, to say the least, it has been interesting. Right after my schooling, I went to a college in Delhi and completed my graduation in the field of electronic engineering. I joined my first job with Accenture, as a software developer in Gurugram. I worked there for two and a half years.

My specialization was electronics, so it must strike as a little odd that I took on to software later. Well, after college, when I was looking for placements, I was unsure. Extremely unsure about where life would lead me, and more so, about what I wanted from life. I even dabbled with the idea of non technical jobs such as consultancy, but decided that definitely was not my cup of tea. After several ups and downs, I joined Accenture, and much to my surprise, I did like the software developer job. My team provided me with ample opportunities and I really liked the work. I wanted to get as better at my job and grow as a developer, and was looking for avenues to hone my skills.  

That’s when I came across Scaler Academy. From there, I started practicing. I did possess the initial basic knowledge of application development. With the help of that,  I shifted from Accenture into a job in Bangalore at a product company. When I settled in Bangalore, a Scaler course caught my eye. Since I had ample time to devote at that time, I joined the course and kept on practicing. I practiced data and algorithm questions, day and night, putting in my best efforts. My fondness for programming is what motivated me.

After five months, I started giving interviews.  I learned about Scaler when I wanted to practice interview questions. When I read more about them, what they teach, what they cover, their blog, the community that they’ve created for students to interact, etc. My first reaction was to join it as I felt it would help me achieve my goal. It truly helped and made me a part of the community that is always there to interact and help with any problem I might have.

Coming to my experience with Scaler, the instructors I had at Scaler were all really good, especially with respect to the experience they have had, they were always so patient with us, even if we had a insignificant doubt, they made sure that everyone understood the concepts well. Each and every instructor was extraordinary. The most impactful memory for me, here at Scaler, has been a session with Sequoia capital’s India Head - Vice President Mr Rajan. It was a great session, the views he expressed really left an indelible impact on me. Scaler’s mentorship arrangement helped me tremendously, and I realised the importance of mentors through my journey with Scaler.

If you ask me why I stumbled upon programming so late in life, it was because growing up I had no access to information about the whys and hows of programming.  I was always fascinated by computers but didn’t know much about programming till I grew up. I was in a great college, but my course did not offer me the freedom to explore and be acquainted with the core concepts of programming. Scaler Academy broadened these horizons, and acquainted me to newer avenues, which has helped in the betterment of the quality of my work.  Hence, on the same note, my advice for young techies would be to focus on their quality of work and should focus on learning and honing their skills through continuous, conscious effort.


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