Scaler Academy changed my entire life and outlook!

Written by: Deepika Bagaria
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I’m Deepika Bagaria, a proud Scaler Academy alumni, and currently a SDE 2 at Amazon. This is my journey with Scaler, and here is why I’m so grateful for having been here!

Before Scaler, whenever I went to the interviews, I thought that there was something missing. I knew that I had the potential, but the guided path was missing. The structure and guidance that Scaler provides helps in the real time interview process, and helps in honing your skills in the best way possible.

Interviews are different from the work you do, and their preparation is equally different, and Scaler provides that in the most comprehensive way.

Scaler gave me so much more than what I was looking for. It gave me the confidence to dream. Getting into FAANG is a dream, a wish. Scaler gave me the wings to fly, and then it made me soar high!

Before joining Scaler, I didn’t even have the confidence in myself, but here, everyone is so motivating and inspirational that I finally realised that I can do it too! “Start dreaming higher” is something that I heard regularly, and was able to turn into reality.

Scaler was life changing for me. The instructors were a big part of that, they used to make us understand that improving our skills would let us go anywhere that our hearts wished, and that it is all about learning. The quality of teaching was something I’d never experienced before. Tarun sir’s teaching and methodology has been the most impactful for me.

My mentor, Avinash Rastogi, was another huge factor in my journey, he had such faith in me that it led to my self worth growing, and me dreaming higher, reaching higher.

When I went to the interview for Amazon, it wasn’t difficult at all. I knew everything, all had been discussed before, and I was almost looking for them to test me more, but Scaler had prepped me well. I was extremely tense before the interview, and I delayed it by quite a bit, but after the experience, I remember thinking that I’ve learnt so much more at Scaler!

It was the sheer joy of learning which kept us all going. We used to enjoy the classes, and only after the instructor said it’s over, we realised that it was 12:01 am! We were so engrossed that we didn’t even check how late it was, despite having worked the entire day before that. I used to look forward to the classes the entire day, and think about how I would tackle this problem or that.

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