Scaler Academy changed my life and goals.

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Scaler Academy changed my life and goals.

You can’t afford to be comfortable for too long. If you want to grow, you need to take newer risks and be prepared for every opportunity that comes your way!

Curiosity is the fuel for the greatest of achievements, and a curious mind can never be unsuccessful. I am Adrian Viegas, and I was working at Nomura India and have now been offered a job at Priceline.

The technology and its nuances always made me curious, even when I was a child. When other kids were playing or doing homework, I was learning technical things all by myself. This was when I knew right that I wanted to do something in IT or software.

I have often been asked 'the study trick' to be successful, and I think studying every day, even in small amounts, is what goes a long way. I joined Nomura just after college, and I have been working with them for four years now. I didn't really feel the workplace hustle there, and because the culture is pretty relaxed, it is quite a wholesome experience, overall.

The thing which motivated me enough to move on and take other jobs is that I realized that only challenges could make you grow. My learning rate was not increasing, and If I wanted to grow, I needed to outgrow my comfort zone.

For my interview at Priceline, it was a cakewalk for me, as Scaler had prepared me very well for that. They just asked me basic questions about my current role and some specific TSA and JAVA questions, which I was already well versed with. My interview process was extremely smooth because of my recruiters as well, who helped me throughout the process.

The best thing that I like was a virtual workplace tour that they gave me, just so that I could familiarize myself with the place's work ethic and culture. It gave me a sense of belonging, which made me incredibly comfortable in my new job.

These dreadful TSA questions that they asked me have always been my weakness, but I am incredibly grateful to Scaler because they made it super easy for me. The teaching at Scaler is streamlined and smooth, and most importantly, no doubt is considered silly there. They even touch upon the subjects that I haven't even heard about. I really appreciate the teaching style and the overall structure of Scaler very much.

My advice for everyone will be a thing I learned the hard way. I believe that everyone should take more risks and explore as many opportunities as one can. Apart from that, having good logical deduction abilities, TSA skills, and the ability to come up with creative solutions are always a cherry on the top.


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