Scaler Academy’s curriculum and teaching is world class!

Written by: Praphul Sinha
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I’m Praphul Sinha, currently the Head of Web Engg at Freecharge (Director), and I’m a proud Scaler Academy alumni!

With more than 15 years of experience, I wasn’t looking for just any unstructured CS course. I wanted to brush up on all my skills, and I wanted to completely solidify my grasp on most software topics. Before Scaler, I had lost touch with a lot of the basics, because I was focusing on my job, and not on improving my skillset. I wasn’t looking for a change in pay or position, I was targeting something really big, and in that, Scaler was instrumental. I’m also looking to do a PhD, which is also why I wished to get all my basic skills in order.

Scaler delivered more than I expected in the fields of their unparalleled curriculum and teaching methodology. I was expecting mostly DSA, but apart from that, they taught a lot of math, a ton of problem solving, and a lot of other topics which I wasn’t anticipating, but was really happy to see, since those are often the ones to be overlooked, but are essential parts of a well rounded approach to tech upskilling.

Even though I’ve been in the field for so many years, when I entered Scaler, I let go of my previous conceptions, and just soaked in all the knowledge I could. When you start learning, you have to first unlearn, only then will you be able to grasp the true depth of what you’re being taught. I manage a team of 100+ people at Freecharge, but I didn’t want that to hamper what I could stand to learn from everyone here.

The mentors, TAs, Student Success Managers- everyone is at the top of their game. When I was prepping for interviews, Abhimanyu sent me the mock video interviews of the previous batches. The overall experience was something completely unexpected for me. Everyone plays their part in improving and growing your skills.

I’ve already discussed with quite a few people how Scaler would be helpful for them, and how exactly it lets you improve. I really motivated quite a few people to join Scaler, and I helped them understand what Scaler does. Even if you are in a leading position, it is beneficial because when you handle tech teams, you can have that much more confidence in discussing tech stacks and processes.

Anshuman himself was a major motivating factor, when I heard his first lecture, about giving that one percent everyday, that acted as an inspiration boost. The entire instructor team, and how they deep dived into each topic and how insightful they were- all of these were major aspects too. I could see the effort every single team put into Scaler daily, and that was aspirational enough!

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