Scaler Academy excelled at every stage, and helped me better my skills!

Written by: Suryanshu Gupta
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I’m Suryanshu Gupta, an Associate Software Developer at, and here’s my Scaler Academy journey.

To be completely honest, I was looking to solidify my basics. I wanted to upgrade my knowledge and I wanted a better job. And a better job’s only possible with a concrete grasp of the fundamentals. System Design, DS-Algo, DBMS, OS- these are the must-knows to get into the top product companies.

In almost every aspect, Scaler excelled and exceeded my expectations. Towards the end of the course, there was a huge drop in attendance, hence a project was not fully finished, but that was also the students’ fault.

The instructors were amazing- Kshitij Mishra, Tarun Malhotra, Anshuman Singh sir, Pragy Agarwal, Anshul Jain – all were outstanding. My mentor was Gopal Goel, and he was terrific in all aspects. I’m still in touch with him, and I was lucky to get someone as inspiring as him. I was fully satisfied on all these fronts.

The way they taught was the aspect that stood out most to me. Each student was invited to give solutions, and every answer was dissected. No doubt was small enough, and every approach was thought about. This was above all and any expectations I had prior to joining Scaler.

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