Scaler Academy fulfilled my every expectation!

Written by: Bhavik Dand
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My name is Bhavik Dand, and I’m an alumni of Scaler Academy, currently working as an Engineer at CleverTap. After Scaler, I worked at PayTM, then shifted to CleverTap.

Here’s a brief summary of my experience.

I worked at a service-based company when I joined Scaler. Like many, I too wanted to get into a product-based company and upskilling was an obvious choice. Why product based? Well, monetary, yes, but also, the quality of work, the innovative approaches – these drew me to the aspiration of a job at such companies.

I got really motivated and quit my job, after I got into Scaler Academy, and I decided to give it my all. I dedicatedly solved problems, and attended lectures and sessions for 2/2.5 months, though my course was completed before. Soon after, I cracked a job at PayTM.

The force that drove me during those tough months while I prepped and slogged was my planning for the future. I knew that I didn’t want to remain at an unappealing, drone-like job where I just put in effort without much outcome. I knew that if I concentrated that effort behind my preparation, I’d be in a much better situation in a shorter span.

While the teachers were all great, my favorites were Pragy Agarwal and Tarun Malhotra. Since the PayTM job was at Noida, and moving from Mumbai to Noida was a big decision for me and my parents, my mom even spoke with Tarun sir since he’s from Delhi!

My mentor was Anirudh Alampally, and he’s a great guy. He’s someone I aspire to be, some 3-4 years down the line, he’s inspired me a lot. Getting advice from someone who’s done it, and who’s doing it big in the industry, that’s a complete game changer. Getting insights from these industry insiders helps you unlock the secret codes to the game, which are guaranteed to make you a winner.

Scaler Academy fulfilled my every expectation, and to anyone looking to upskill, I’d definitely recommend it!

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