Scaler Academy gave me the motivation to keep striving and improving.

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Scaler Academy gave me the motivation to keep striving and improving.

Your passion will always be incomplete without hard work.

I worked through long nights, attending classes after coming home from my job, and found myself questioning the need to continue with the course, but this course was much more than learning about the basics of coding; it was the foundation of my life as a developer.

I'm Tanmay Sharma, a Computer Science and Engineering graduate. I was born and brought up in the same city as my graduating college, Delhi. My interest in this field developed when I started to do backend coding and landed a few internships, and soon enough, I realized that I had found my passion. The only thing left for me to do then was hard work in the direction.  

While in college, I found myself surrounded by individuals who were keen to develop their coding skills and pursue it as a career, but unfortunately, most of them lacked the proper guidance required for it. Due to this lack of direction at the initial stage, I began coding in my 3rd year of college, and unfortunately, it was only at the end of my last year when I was introduced to the magic that is Scalar Academy.

My friend, who was attending the classes at the time, is the reason behind me finding them out. When I started my journey with Scaler Academy, I knew I needed to improve to solve competitive questions that are generally asked at the initial stages by the company. The academy provided me with just that.

Scaler academy offered me an opportunity to learn how to write coding and work past the obstacles I would face when employed by a company. This essential yet widely overlooked part of education and learning helped me transition from a college student to being hired at my current job at Tavisca Solution Pvt. Ltd, Pune, successfully.

Along with learning about coding, I also needed to build my resume, which would appeal to the companies I wanted to work with. Coming from a tier-three college, it wasn't easy to find work on worthwhile projects. Thankfully I was given the right guidance and mentorship at Scaler Academy to provide me with the necessary skills for my future. And once I applied those skills in the mixture of my hard work, it was all upward from thereon.

My experience at Scaler Academy gave me a newfound confidence. I was able to pass the contests that I previously failed during college. My mentor motivated me in every possible situation and provided a well-needed structure for my work. Additionally, the instructors went out of their way to stay after the lectures to clear all our doubts and make sure every student understood the topics. The extra effort made by them to stay up even as late as 1 am made my time with them even more impactful.

What stood out for me was the relationship I developed with my mentor and teaching assistants. They created a safe space for us to have discussions, share our experiences, and talk about any problem we might face at the time.

The team at Scaler Academy provided me with the skills that I never realized were necessary. They gave me an all-rounded education and experience working under several startups and the motivation to keep improving my future skills. And that's what I think is their biggest win. To provide what is asked out of an institution is good, but to anticipate these needs is where Scalar will win your heart.

There is no way I will not suggest this name to my friends and family. I have nothing but good things to say out of my time here, and I know this will definitely persist.


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