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Scaler Academy gave me the atmosphere I needed to succeed!

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Scaler Academy gave me the atmosphere I needed to succeed!

Decide, Commit, Focus and Succeed.

The journey with Scaler has been a challenging one, but it has helped me become a better engineer every day. Once you move out of the comfort zone, you realize that the challenges you face daily are the only thing helping you grow in the right direction.

I spent my childhood in a small village where I did not have access to technology for a considerable amount of time. We could not afford to buy a computer when I was young, so the only knowledge that I could gather about them was from second-hand sources. A computer shop near our village will always remain one of my most cherished memories of my childhood. I used to go there and play Mario all day with my friends, and I think that amazement, that fascination about what goes behind the scenes of games like these, actually made me steer my approach in this direction.

My name is Soumya Sambit Mangaraj, and this is my story!

I graduated from the College of Engineering and Technology in Bhubaneswar in Information Technology, a well-reputed college known for its academic achievements and faculty. However, even this reputation did not guarantee my dream placement, and I wound up in a job that did not interest me.

I come from a very humble farmer's family, and so Scaler and coaching in the offline module seemed like a distant option. Still, when I told my parents that this is something that I wanted to do for better skills and job opportunities, they did nothing but encouraged me to try my best.

All my life, I have dreamt of becoming a teacher that can help his students achieve whatever they wish for, and with Scaler, I believe that I have found new confidence in my dream. If I can become even half of what I have seen transpire here, I will consider myself more than successful in every teaching aspect.

I first saw Scaler Academy on a random exploration on the internet. I joined the academy to improve my skill set, and although I did not research as much as I should have before becoming a part of the institution, this one step in my career has only borne me great fruits.

The classes in my college were not meticulous, and as a consequence, understanding and curiosity always took a back seat compared to syllabus completion. However, with Scaler, that has not been the case. At Scaler, every student is looked at as an investment for the future. No doubt was ever small, and no challenge was ever big enough. We were given utmost care and support in every way possible.

My favorite teacher at Scaler was Pragy because they taught me some invaluable lessons in my life. The teachings on how to be a good teacher and approaching a problem the right way are things that I will never forget. My mentor and teaching assistant have also been a crucial part of my journey, and our interactions have really helped me in this challenging phase of my life. What I liked about my mentor's approach was the calmness. They approach the problem with a certain confidence and patience, which I believe lays the foundation of someone who is looking forward to becoming a problem solver.

One of the biggest challenges during my time in the academy was time management. I was an employee at a full-time job while studying at the academy, and hence working through the syllabi was sometimes tricky. However, considering that the learning was a multi-level task divided between classes, mentor sessions, and TA sessions, I always had the liberty to choose what I wanted to do, which helped a lot.

My interaction with the Scaler student community is also one thing that I will immensely cherish from my time here. It is just incredible to be in the company of young, talented, and hard-working individuals acting as catalysts in each other's professional success. I am thankful that Scaler provided us with the needed atmosphere.

I work in Delhivery as a Software Developer now, and my job here is a result of the cumulative efforts of my mentor, the academy, and also my hard work. My mentor helped me through every process patiently, and to feel supported in the process was all I needed to achieve what I set out for.

I have already recommended Scaler to a couple of my juniors and relatives, and I will continue to do so. I hope that everyone struggling gets to improve their current situation with Scaler's help just like me and see for themselves the marvelousness they can count upon.
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