Scaler Academy gave me the much needed momentum and push to get me where I am today.

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Scaler Academy gave me the much needed momentum and push to get me where I am today.

I am Dolly Vaishnav, a SDE at Ola, and this is my story of graduating from a tier 3 college to getting placed in a tier 1 company.

I’m the only child of my parents and financially, I have to take care of my family.

During my B. Tech I was fascinated with Machine Learning and Deep Learning. So after graduation, I joined one such company in the space as an intern and was eventually promoted to a full-time job. In 2019, while deciding about my future, I took the Scaler Academy entrance test and after not being able to clear it, I went full-throttle towards my dream of pursuing a Master's degree abroad.

After taking entrance exams such as GRE and IELTS, I got offers from some top-notch universities in the UK like the University of Manchester. But due to some unforeseen circumstances like Covid-19 and other financial burdens, I was not able to pursue my dream of doing MS.

That’s when I decided to prepare for some of the best product-based companies. I started doing problems from GFG and Leetcode. But still, something was missing and I needed a detailed curriculum. Hence I joined Scaler Academy. I always knew that I wanted to make the best out of the program if I got in, and that’s exactly what I did.

The classes taken by the instructors were awesome, they made complex topics such as DP and Graphs easier to grasp. Moreover, all my doubts were diligently cleared by the TA’s. Even the mentor sessions were amazing. My mentor made sure to take mock interviews every week and guided me about the weaknesses that eventually helped me to excel in my coding interviews.

Scaler gave me the much-needed momentum that I was looking for. Solving problems daily, maintaining streaks, and getting the right opportunities when my resume was primarily about machine learning, all happened because of the program.

Apart from these I consistently practiced company-specific problems on Leetcode and Interviewbit. This helped me to crack SDE roles in some of the best companies and finally, I made it to OLA.

I’m a proud Scaler Academy alumni!


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