Scaler Academy gave me the wings to soar and fulfill my dreams.

Aditya Kumar
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Being a quick learner, I thought I would easily manage to crack the interviews. However, the journey was arduous, and here is my story of how I overcame the obstacles along the way.

I am Aditya, a graduate of the Jaypee Institute of Technology. I was earlier working at MetricStream and am presently working at Rebel Foods.

My biggest tip for aspirants would be that their resumes and projects should reflect their expertise. Projects are an all-encompassing experience; each and every engineer must strive to participate in some project, to gain the skills that it equips us with. College marks do matter for some companies; however, in the end, what matters most is the skills you possess and your personal qualities.

As for why my resume stood out, it was because I took on many projects in my college as well as my professional life. I paid a lot of attention to these projects and persevered. These projects served as my stepping stones to success. These eventually made my resume very strong, which proved to be fruitious.

Before cracking the interview for Rebel Foods, I had faced rejections. Those interviews helped me understand the ins and outs of the interview process. I gauged what the interviewers were looking at, worked hard towards it, and eventually cracked my dream interview.

My switch from a Q and A engineer to an SDE was not easy; it was a difficult journey. However, Rebel Foods’ work has been extremely satisfying; the role is challenging, and I can see myself growing in that atmosphere. There are several things to learn, which in turn helps me stay market-relevant and grow as a professional.

I think the best thing about this job is the feeling of pride that my work will impact the lives of countless people. Even if I add a small feature to an application, it will be used by so many people across the globe. This widespread impact that we, as engineers, have the power to create always leaves me in awe. I feel that this aspect is the best part about working in an industry such as e-commerce or food. Essentially, we engineers have the ability to cater to the whole world at once.  

Scaler was instrumental in my journey. It helped me clarify the concepts of data structures and algorithms, which are essential if you apply for a senior developer profile. It also supplied the necessary domain knowledge. The innovative teaching pedagogy and the well-designed curriculum made all the difference. The peer support and the interactions with the mentors were instrumental in building self – confidence and further clarification of concepts. I would highly recommend Scaler to my acquaintances, as it would give them the wings, too, just like it did to me.

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