Scaler Academy gave wings to my dreams!

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Scaler Academy gave wings to my dreams!

Consistency and Constancy - The Key to Overcoming Obstacles

For me, obstacles and challenges were not impediments in my journey. Instead, they served as stepping stones and helped me climb up the ladder of success.

I'm Bollineni Uday Kumar, and this is my story.

Studying in a small village school, where the class strength was twenty, and where the medium of education was a native language, my beginnings were humble until the fifth standard. Shifting to an English Medium School proved to be one of the biggest challenges I had to overcome at the tender age of ten; I think my grit and determination helped me sail through the testing times. From there on, I chose to pursue my passion, which was engineering, and thereon, there was no looking back.

But, life had its plans, and I was yet to face the biggest challenge of this journey so far. It was the interview and the selection process for a vacancy at my dream company. The interview was scheduled for the starting week of November, and nervousness had set in.

The interview was supposed to take place in three rounds, encompassing various areas like machine learning, TSOI, and data systems. My nervousness vanished when I had a chat with my very friendly interviewers. They did everything they could to put me at ease. The interview went on smoothly, and I landed a job at Flipkart, India.

If you ask me, I think the mantra to cracking interviews is to have a deep understanding of the topics and be sure of our learnings. Another critical factor is frequent practice; I believe practicing frequently helps us make efficient use of the limited time. Consistency is the key to unlock your full potential to prepare well for the interview process.

If I were to talk about my shift to Flipkart, I think what I am looking forward to is the scale on which I will be working; it amazes me how my work at the backend software development arena would impact the lives of countless people.

Scaler Academy gave wings to my dreams, as often times, all you need is a push in the direction of your dream to achieve success. Coming from a non-computer science background, Scaler provided me with the guidance and the exposure I needed to level up in the software arena. The fabulous instructors and the mentors, who are more like your friends, ensure that we are future-ready; they solve all our problems and help us traverse our journey with confidence.


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