Scaler Academy's guidance is one of the main reasons behind my success.

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Scaler Academy's guidance is one of the main reasons behind my success.

Dream, persevere and achieve

The distance between setting your goals and achieving them can be conquered by hard work and determination. Once you set your mind to it, no challenge is too big, no problem is too hard and most importantly, nothing is impossible.

Growing up, my constant companions were books and the television. I would come straight from school, study for some time, and watch the television for hours. What if I told you that a boy with an average Indian childhood would one day go on to chase his passion and achieve excellence in his pursuits? Hard to imagine, harder to achieve.

I am Sanjay Chandak, currently employed with Soroco. My tryst with computers began early on in life. I was fascinated by a computer at my cousin's home, where they used to play video games. My cousin was the only one in the entire family who had a laptop. The curiosity bug bit me early on in life, and I wondered about the marvels of technology.

My keenness to explore the world of computers persuaded my father to get me a second-hand computer. That device became the muse of my exploration - I would download games, research social media sites like Facebook and Orkut. I would keep widening my knowledge of how the world of technology worked. All through my school and college life, I have had a close set of friends and mostly spent my time delving into academics.

I was drawn to sciences, and then I went with the flow and took up engineering. But this decision proved to be one of the best decisions that I ever took in my life.

With a good JEE Mains score, I secured admission at MNNIT Allahabad. I graduated as an Electronics and Communications Engineer and achieved success in my academic pursuits. I got placed in Capgemini, and after garnering enough experience, I wanted to shift to a product-based company to further my professional growth.

I wanted to be challenged, and I began a rigorous job search. Once I started giving interviews, I noticed that the lack of a coding background hampered my growth prospects. This realization fueled my search for an institution that could provide wings to my coding dreams. I stumbled upon Scaler due to a friend's recommendation, and then, there was no looking back.

I started from scratch, and I am glad to state that Scaler helped lay the foundation of coding and computer science so that I learned not just the art of problem-solving but also the skill of time optimization. Scaler completely revitalized my computer science knowledge.

The curriculum is exceptionally intensive and all-encompassing. Vital concepts such as computer networks, data systems, and algorithms received adequate coverage, and for the instructors, conceptual clarity is of paramount importance.

My mentors have been instrumental in my journey of becoming a better engineer. It is said that mentors shape your career, and in my case, this has been true. I was taught that consistency was the key to cracking interviews, and my mentors kept a rigorous track of my progress, which also helped me push myself harder.

My mentor Avneet continuously conducted multiple interview rounds, which proved to be immensely beneficial for me. They provided the first-hand experience of dealing with interviewers and questions of varying difficulty. The first time I was nervous, intimidated by my mentor's brilliance, but he put me at ease, and from there on, I strived to be better every day.

The overall experience at Scaler is terrific. The learning environment, the unique pedagogy, and the experienced faculty contribute to an optimal learning experience, which helps us inch closer to our dreams and goals.

I like the Community feature in the Scaler Chat; I believe that it facilitates interaction between sailing in the same boat and serves as a platform for discussing various aspects of our coding journeys with people from across India. This also benefits us as we resolve doubts and queries of each other and thus further our learning journeys together.

My determination, skillset, and immense guidance from Scaler helped me land my dream job at Soroco. Who would have thought that I would grow up to help develop products that innumerable users across the globe would use? Not me. So I feel that the message that I have learned from my journey is that if you dream of something, perseverance and hard work, along with ample guidance, would unlock the treasure of achievement.


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