Scaler Academy has been the guiding light in my journey.

Written by: Nirmit Jain
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If you think something is difficult, try doing it for one minute in a day. That one minute eventually will make it the easiest thing in the world.

I am Nirmit Jain, an engineering graduate from ABES University, currently employed at Braincurry.

I started as all engineering graduates do: I gave my entrance exams, got into an engineering college, and subsequently got a job to meet the market expectations.

I believe I’ve always exhibited a technical bent of mind, as data systems and their technicalities always intrigued me. Apart from this, I am passionate about cooking, as I am a foodie. At times, my mind seems to draw parallels between cooking and coding as I am keenly interested in both.

Previously, I was working with Capgemini. Initially, the company has training programs in place, after which we are allocated projects to work on. As I did not engage in networking, I had a rocky start.

I was the last one to be allocated a project to work on, despite topping my batch in the training program. However, this was a small hurdle, as I eventually got my own team to lead, which I would say contributed a lot to my growth as an individual. Even though I had many opportunities at Capgemini, I eventually wanted to explore other avenues that could benefit my learning curve and develop my skill set in the process.

The interview process is marred by several challenges that must be overcome to secure your goal. Being at Scaler, I understood that the key to cracking interviews is having a thorough knowledge of data systems and algorithms.

Our problem-solving skills act as our saving grace during interviews. The interviewer is not looking at what problems you can solve; instead, they wish to see how good you are at collaborating information and working on a problem from various angles.

Another primary concern is whether you are a team player or not – getting along with your team is essential for any project you have been working on. I managed to crack the interview, and while it has not been much time, I am thoroughly enjoying my work at BrainCurry. I am looking forward to the newer avenues this position will offer me and am excited to further my journey in software development.

Scaler Academy has acted as a useful guide in this journey. It is imperative to state that I could only traverse my way through this process of cracking interviews with the assistance I have got from Scaler. The mentorship arrangement and the peer culture has helped me evolve as a coder, and I am genuinely grateful for my association with Scaler.

My only advice for people looking up to me will be to practice as much as possible and let your skills take the course.

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