Scaler Academy helped me achieve my set goal in record time!

Written by: Sanket Mishra
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Setting a goal is the primary step to success, and working towards it makes all the difference. Goals work as the stepping stones for your professional success, and when you put in the requisite hard work, you can achieve anything.

Growing up in Burla, Odisha, I wanted to become an air-force pilot, but as life would have it, I am doing something completely different now. In the eleventh standard, my trials and tribulations with computers began, and the entire credit for that goes to my school teacher, who has made me who I am.

I am Sanket Mishra, currently working at SpotDraft as a frontend engineer. The turning point in my life was in 11th class; when I was first introduced to computer science, this was when I finally decided that I would make my career in this new and fascinating field.

My interview process with SpotDraft was divided into four rounds. The first one was a technical interview, and then I had a round of discussions with the CTO and CPO. My interview focused on data scripts, as per the requirements of a front end engineer position. The other rounds concentrated on my overall expertise in software development and then subsequently tested my teamwork and communication skills.

If I were to talk about my preparation process, I think the first step is to set a goal. For me, the goal was to get a job at my dream company by a set date. I had to put in many late nights since I was balancing my work with my studies and I wouldn’t say that it was easy, but it did serve me for the greater good.

Looking back, I do believe that the hard work I put in made all the difference. Before I was set to give an interview, I would go through my study notes, skim through the assignments that I had been given, and re-work the challenging questions.

The projects I did were my focus, as they gave me the basis to establish my credibility, and so I would also ensure that I went through their coding structure and well acquaint myself with everything that the interviewer would ask.

My experience at Scaler Academy gave me a newfound confidence. Scaler was my guide in this journey, and the data-backed methodology helped me achieve my set goal in the given time. The structure was such that I continually received a push to do better and to be a better version of me with each passing day.

The team at Scaler Academy provided me with the skills that I never realized were necessary. They gave me an all-rounded education and motivation to keep improving my future skills. And that’s what I think is their biggest win. To provide what is asked out of an institution is good, but to anticipate these needs is where Scaler will win your heart.

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