Scaler Academy helped me become a problem solver!

Written by: Brijesh Sahoo
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Overcoming a stump is the biggest hurdle a professional can face in their life.

Time is the most invaluable treasure any individual possesses. If you cannot justify how you spend that treasure to yourself, it’s time for self-evaluation.

There can be no sure-shot way to success. If there were, everyone would be Mark Zuckerberg right now. My name is Brijesh Sahoo, and I work at Tata AIG as a software developer, before which I was placed at Axtria, after having graduated from IIT Roorkee.

My college has a very discipline-oriented outlook towards its students. Once, I got caught playing cards in the college dorms. My punishment for the same was to do yoga at 6 AM in the freezing winter months of Roorkee for an entire month. It was a very healthy punishment but it definitely makes me laugh each time I think of it.

I was placed at Axtria through my college in the capacity of a business analyst. I got to work with major US pharmaceutical companies, the kind that are working on vaccines to end this pandemic. It was a major learning opportunity for me. During the second year of college, I used to do a lot of competitive programming. I hoped that knowledge would find some outlet at Axtria, but it didn’t really do that. I needed a job that allowed me to align my interests with my work, so I knew I had to move on and look for other opportunities.

Joining Scaler was a wild card for me. Their reputation for being educators and enthusiastic supporters of aspirants who dream big made me join the academy. As a full-time working professional, it gets difficult to implement the timetable necessary to prepare for the interviews. With Scaler, I got an opportunity to make sure I was putting in the required effort. Scaler helped me channel my energy properly, revise things I had learned in college, and learn new things too!

As a software developer, my dream is to develop something along with the premise of the native languages of India. As part of the biggest democracy in the world, we don’t have enough avenues that use the diversity we so proudly claim for ourselves. I hope to bring something that utilizes the treasure that is our diverse languages and put it to good use!

I believe that the hardest thing to overcome is the stasis that each individual experiences in their professional life. When you get a job and get settled with the environment, you tend to get comfortable and stop challenging yourself. It is necessary to make sure you realize it in due time and work towards overcoming such a situation.

Every company seeks a problem solver. My advice to aspirants is to strive to become the best problem solver you can be. Not only does that make you desirable to companies, but it also enables you to learn and grow with each passing day. It’s the best of both worlds!

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