Scaler Academy helped me become more confident!

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Giving up should never be an option. It is very easy to get demotivated and leave a project. But if consistent hard work is put, nothing is out of your reach.

My name is Vishal Babu, and I graduated from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University. I am currently working at ROIM and I used to work at Finoit Technology.

I belong to a very business-oriented family. I didn't have anyone to guide me on a path. I didn't even really have a goal till 10th grade. My friends in college helped me realize my dreams and advised me how to go about achieving success in that arena. When I joined my college, I had no idea about coding. My friends pushed me towards it and made me realize my love for the art of coding.

I was a little nervous about my interview since I was unemployed at the time. So that nervousness contributed immensely to the pressure I was already under. Because I hadn't given such big MNCs interviews before, ย the expectations only added to the stress I was feeling. The process was held in three rounds, and although it looked like a lot, in the end, I couldn't be more proud of how I handled it.

My preparation for the interview was mainly based on the questions I solved that were provided by Scaler. As far as my strategy goes, the only thing I swore by was trying to study the material provided to me as regularly as possible. Consistent hard work can make anyone crack a company's interview, and that is precisely what it did for me. The material I was getting well-versed with also made me feel comfortable in the process, thus helping me get over the nerves that tend to act up in pressuring situations. I believe one's peers' and instructors' quality also determines the kind of hard work they put in.

One should be good with the basics of coding. If the basics aren't clear, it becomes challenging to compete with others. Even my friends noticed this change in me. Ever since I joined Scaler and began working on my coding skills, I became much more confident than I was, which only reinforced the confidence I felt in myself.

A trick that worked for me in the preparation process was that one should be consistent in solving problems. The moment you loosen the reins a bit, you lose control over the process. To stop that from happening, you need to put in regular and consistent effort.

My advice to aspirants is never to underestimate their skills and ability to work hard. The system is designed to make one think they cannot ever be the best in their field because there is so much to learn and develop. But that shouldn't stop anyone from working towards achieving that pinnacle.


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