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Written by: Shivank Pathak
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I desire reaching a stage in life where I can be unbeatable. To experience that kind of excellence is what motivates me to strive for excellence.

Consistency is among the few virtues that can leave talent far behind. Knowledge is that one thing that drives me to do the best and to do it for as long as possible.

My name is Shivank Pathak, and I work at Compass after graduating as a software engineer from IIIT Bhubaneswar.

My journey to the stage of life I currently occupy is, like everyone else’s, filled with obstacles I was able to overcome.

My college life’s most vivid memories are associated with our college fest, where cultural and technical events played a significant role. Winning a competitive programming contest with AIR 5 was monumental for me and, by far, has been the best experience I have had in college. The coding culture there was good enough to make me start programming from the first year itself. However, it was only after getting rejected several times in my third year that I realized the amount of hard work and preparation I had to do in order to make the cut.

My interviews did make me nervous initially. But it transformed into excitement as I sat for more and more interviews. Each interview you sit for will teach you something new. How can that not be exciting?

This enthusiasm only increased with Scaler Academy’s continuous support in the form of mock interviews and sessions with the mentors. They helped me improve my problem-solving and system designing skills and also helped me gain confidence in myself.  Before I sat for Compass’s interview, I worked on improving my problem-solving skills and made my portfolio better with some projects and internships I had worked on.

My work life at Compass is terrific. New learning opportunities are immensely helpful in developing my professional skill set. They also help me stay passionate about what I do in life by preventing stasis of any kind. Activities and learning sessions help freshers like me to become better professionals as well.

My only advice to aspirants is to make sure you are working consistently towards your goals. If you work as hard as possible for a day but lackluster for the rest of the week, it results in mediocrity, which is never acceptable. Consistent and regular hard work is the underdog of the many qualities that make people successful. Another tip that helped me reach where I have is that a good portfolio can make you stand out from the crowd, while good problem-solving skills can be your ticket to a successful and enriching professional career.  

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