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Written by: Rajandeep Singh
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I was 11 years old when I started playing games on the family computer. By the time I was 14, I had even started making my own games like Sudoku puzzles with the help of a software my friend had installed for me.

Although I opted for the Computer Science stream in Class 11, I was not too keen about the subject until I joined BTech and got introduced to the fascinating world of coding and algorithms.

I’m Rajandeep Singh, and this is my story!

The atmosphere at NIT Kurukshetra is very beneficial for learning. There is a strong culture of coding among the student community. Even first years start coding. I started dabbling in it only much later. I didn’t feel very confident initially as some of the problems were quite hard.

At NIT, one of our professors would select students from the final year to teach the first years. We got such teaching opportunities every week. Once, I was picked and I took a lecture on Data Structures for my juniors. It is one of my most memorable experiences.

I heard about Scaler while preparing for my campus placements. I was already familiar with InterviewBit through my college seniors and workshops. I found the questions on InterviewBit to be tough, and I needed help to solve them. So, I decided to join the Scaler program to gain an in-depth understanding of Data Structures & Algorithms (DS & Algo). I was selected in April 2019, however, I was skeptical about the program and did not join.

By then, I had started my first job at Paytm. Soon, I decided I wanted to switch to a better place. I attempted the Scaler exam again but I did not get through. I made a third attempt in April 2020 and I got in this time. Third time’s a charm, as they say.

I would be busy with my duties at Paytm all day but I managed to make time for my Scaler training from 9 to 12 every night. It was a challenging routine but I enjoyed the experience.

Mr Harinder Sethi from Microsoft was my mentor at Scaler. He always encouraged me to be patient and to keep working hard no matter what. He is very experienced and his advice really helped me during interviews. As he hailed from my town, I also had a personal rapport with him.

Even the teaching assistants were always helpful. I particularly loved Kshitij Sir’s teaching style. He taught me to not cram topics and look at all minute details. I remember he was the first person I called when I got my second job at MindTickle (where I will be joining in April 2021).

I also appreciated how we could receive assistance through the Scaler portal within minutes of dropping a help request. If we needed further help and guidance in solving a problem, then the teaching instructors would step in.

I enjoyed learning from my peers at Scaler. Getting to study along with batchmates who had six to ten years of experience was a lot of fun. Everyone was available to solve problems when our teachers were busy. We would call each other and go back and forth on problems until we solved them. I am fortunate to have gotten to make friends while at Scaler. We are a gang of six friends and we stay in constant touch.

I want to share a special experience from my Scaler training months. Once the teaching instructor was absent, and I stepped in to help my batchmates with a common doubt. I broke down how I had solved that particular Data Structures problem and everyone was able to follow.

What I like best about the Scaler program is its extremely well-structured curriculum. There are a ton of online courses and resources for DS&A which are bound to leave you confused. That’s why you need a carefully structured program like Scaler Academy. Most importantly, Scaler gives you access to industry-specific knowledge and industry experts, who will guide you at every step of the way. The curriculum at Scaler is not like how it is in college—even the subsequent batch will not have the same curriculum as yours. That is how fresh and industry-oriented the system is at Scaler.

I will strongly recommend the Scaler programs to all aspirants in the field. Scaler is the best place to learn everything you need to know about Design and DS&A. Help is on hand 24/7 for everyone, even for doubts outside the curriculum. It is a proper community.

I cherish a piece of vital career-shaping advice I received at Scaler from Abhimanyu Sir who told me to join a startup and not a giant. That’s why I picked MindTickle over the Amazon offer I had received. At my new workplace, I will get hands-on training in all aspects of the work and get a sense of ownership over the products and services that I am helping build. I can view the results and the impact of my work, observe how I can scale our growth and be personally involved in all processes. That is the highlight of working at a startup.

I have a simple goal for my future: Become the best in my field and enter the Tier 1 backend technical specialist circle. That is all I wish for. To all the aspiring software engineers and coders out there: have faith in yourself and keep working hard!

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