Scaler Academy is the reason I could upskill.

Written by: Soumya Raj Darbari
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I’m Soumya Raj Darbari, currently SDE 2 at Jio, and I joined Scaler Academy a few months back.

I was previously working at a service based company and there was not a lot of growth in my role, as well as the role being not interesting enough for me. So I wanted to improve my skills and switch to a developer role. Scaler provided the platform and structure I’d need to be able to do that.

Scaler lived up to all the expectations and hype I’d heard about it. The mentorship was a standout aspect to me, and the course was really well designed. The instructors and TAs were helpful and excellent at what they did. Tarun Malhotra sir, for me, was the best.

I was previously good with DS-Algo, but since I was in a service company, I didn’t get the guidance needed to get the call backs. But Scaler provided that to me, and helped me crack the interviews!

Overall, I must say that Scaler works.

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