Scaler Academy made me challenge myself and accomplish new things.

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Scaler Academy made me challenge myself and accomplish new things.

The best thing about my current job at Cuemath is the work culture of the company. I am allowed to be flexible with my work, make my own decisions, and function at my own pace, which is, quite frankly, all I could ask for myself.

This is Anirban Chakraborty, and I am a 2019 computer science graduate of Netaji Subhash Engineering College. I was working with TCS before my current job at Cuemath. My switch from my old company to the new one was motivated by a search for better and more challenging opportunities, and I think I have found the best starting point for my pursuit of the best.

I come from a college where the coding culture was almost non-existent. It is always better to dream with a bunch of people rather than just alone, and I think scaler has provided me that company that I always craved and in ways more than one. They recreated that ambitious environment for me, which helped me think, grow, and dream again.

TCS is essentially a service based company, which can often lead you to get lost in the crowd of employees working for them. For people like us, who dream big and want to leave their mark on the world, a product based company is the dream. I am nothing but glad to announce that my new job offers me just that.

The most crucial skill to have when you are aiming for a product based company is to get yourself acquainted with the product that you will be working with. Without the due passion and curiosity for a product, your chances of making it through will be significantly less, and the chances of sticking around, even lesser. Additionally, of course, Hard work is the key.

With Scaler, I attended a lot of lectures from successful people, and I also got to listen to successful interviews that are provided as a part of the preparation process. The whole structure of the syllabi and a comprehensive round the clock guidance team is what made the academy a big win for me. I cannot possibly thank them enough for wherever I am today.

The mentors are the best part of the process. They are like your big brother walking in to help you every step of the way. They provided us with not just the right approach towards a solution but also excellent alternatives to that solution, which made me broaden my thought process.

My one advice to everyone looking up to me will just be to work hard and work as much as you can but don’t let the unknown daunt you into thinking you’re incapable.


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