Scaler Academy made me consistent in my work.

Written by: Raghvendra Pandey
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I’m Raghvendra Pandey, currently a backend developer at Reliance Digital Life, and I joined Scaler Academy because I wanted to upskill myself in core tech topics like HLD and LLD.

When I joined Scaler, I hardly knew these topics, but when I completed the course, I felt that I could sail through anything. The confidence came from the consistent effort I’d put in.

The course is designed in a way so that people who have a good grasp of the fundamentals of programming can better themselves in higher level topics, which are necessary if you want to work or grow at a product-based tech company.

The instructor team was overall good in their teaching skills. And Anshuman was a standout for me, he took our second class on HLD, and that was THE moment for me. I knew right then that I had to join Scaler, and learn from this tech stalwart.

I didn’t get much time to attend the live classes, but I watched all the recorded classes from the archive at a faster speed, and they really helped me solidify my knowledge of the concepts.

Actually, before I joined Scaler, I was good at programming but I didn’t practise at all. When I joined here, they gave me daily problems to solve, and that consistent problem-solving approach really helped me change my pace and hone my skills.

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