Scaler Academy made me grow and scale up!

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Scaler Academy made me grow and scale up!

The first step to getting ahead is getting started. Take the first step today, no matter how hard it seems.

As a child, I was curious and restless. I wanted to explore anything and everything that seemed interesting. Sitting back was never an option, and I think that has somehow shaped a vital part of my personality even as an adult.

My name is Shubhakar Debroy, and this is my story.

I was born and brought up in a small town of Tripura, and I did most of my schooling later when I moved to Visakhapatnam, but of course, most of my childhood was spent in a variety of small-town shenanigans.

My first interaction with computers was with a computer my father got for his work, it was just a toy for me back then, and the fascination for it only started like it always does, with video games. However, slowly and steadily, computers became a crucial part of my life. From studying to exploring the world outside of my hometown, everything became accessible like a dream, and I just couldn't stop myself from becoming a part of the internet tribe.

I did my graduation from KIIT Bhubaneswar in Computer Science. My parents, who are both working professionals, have always supported me with whoever I have wanted to become. Scaler was a monumental part of me becoming who I am today, they gave me nothing but support every step of the way.

My college classes were a bit monotonous and course-centric; teachers were helpful but not to the extent of any actual improvement. However, Scaler, in its essence, has always been a student-centric course. They go into the depth of what understanding looks like, that too with an eclectic pace to suit their students' needs, and understandably so, their results speak for them.

The lockdown has also helped me a lot. I had all the time in the world to introspect and weigh crucial decisions I needed to take in the future. While the methodology changed drastically from offline to online learning, I believe where there is a will, there is a way, and well, Scaler is that way for me.

I discovered Scaler through some online exploration via InterviewBit, I saw an advertisement that endorsed a year-long program to facilitate the nitty and gritty of getting a job, and I just went in for the learning.

My favorite teacher in Scaler was Pragy. To be inspired by a teacher, to follow them in the complete sense, there needs to be a wow factor that pulls you towards them, and Pragy has what it takes. I have followed Pragy and his work for a very long time, and to be honest, I always wished for them to be my mentor in some sense or the other. When Scaler came along, it felt like the pieces of my dreams just fell in together for me to finally have what I wished for all along.

The mentors and the teaching assistants are also excellent value addition to the course, and while their addition differs in terms of contexts, all of them collectively make the course what it is. My favorite memory with my mentor is a mock interview that I failed miserably. The mentor then inspired me not to focus on who I am but who I can be, which changed my outlook towards life for the better. ย 

I have made many friends while studying at Scaler, and I even have a close friends group of four that really elevated the experience for me. All of them are hardworking and intelligent people who are settled in different cities because of their jobs now, but we try to maintain contact nevertheless. The only difference between a top-tier college and a low-tier college is the community it grows, and if one thing, I have to thank Scaler for giving us the environment to process and grow together.

Now, when I have a job that I am proud of, more than the opportunity, I am appreciative of the confidence that I exhibit in this role. The work has been challenging and far from stagnant, and that is the most you can ask at this point in your life.

I will recommend Scaler to all my friends and family for a comprehensive guide on how to go about the job selection process. Some of my appreciation has already started making the rounds, and I hope the Scaler community will continue to grow.


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