Scaler Academy Review: Advice for Freshers

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Scaler Academy Review: Advice for Freshers

I was 15 when I watched Iron Man for the first time.
I was fascinated by that movie and especially the character of J.A.R.V.I.S. (Just A Rather Very Intelligent System) blew my mind. It was the first time I heard about Artificial Intelligence and I knew I wanted to enter this magical world of computers.

Hi, I am Bhanu Pratap Singh and I am a student of the June batch of Scaler Academy.
I am a 2020 graduate and have recently joined Nova (Zeta Group).
I want to share my experience at Scaler Academy.

As a kid, I was always wandering and figuring ways to entertain myself. I got my first computer in 7th grade and most of my time was spent on paint, word, games etc.

Most of my time went into self-learning. I got into automation and was studying innovations around apps and software. I started learning the basics of DSA on my own.
I was decent in academics and was deeply curious about ongoing trends in technology.

Because of a lower JEE rank, I was not the best fit for IIT-NITs. I landed up in a college in Jodhpur and started pursuing my B.Tech.

When there was a lot happening in the newly-entered College environment, I had my own World going. I decided to give most of my time on self-skilling.
My idea of fun was learning new things every day, my own file browsers, complete ownership of my music player. The Internet was the answer to anything I wanted to learn. I started making scripts on “when the computer starts, it should automatically start reading the top 5 news of the day”.  

I was loaded with ideas, but I knew I lacked guidance. I was in desperate need of a good mentor. All throughout my college days, I always felt helpless because I did not have a person in my life who would be able to provide me with some guidance and support. Finding the correct knowledge on the internet - as wide and deep as it is - gets very tricky sometimes. It is easy to lose motivation and track. A good mentor not only guides you properly but also makes you learn and understand the process of learning.

But I was fortunate to find Scaler Academy during this journey. It was everything I needed to become a good Software Engineer. With a very well structured course curriculum, they made learning very smooth and I was able to understand every topic in great detail. I no longer had to look through the vast ocean of the internet. The Scaler team works very hard to ensure you have access to all the necessary information and adequate learning support.  

Whether it’s Anshuman Sir teaching intuition building or going in a defined order for problem-solving, or Pragya Sir making me realise how depth is important, the instructors here are a complete package. My mentor Shan Mehrotra played a key role in my success & I am grateful for all the help. My success manager - Sheetal Ma’am - was also always there to motivate me, whenever I felt a little lost.

We all have heard that - we should surround ourselves with people who make us hungry and inquisitive for life - but no one tells you how! Scaler made it so easy. I got to connect with many brilliant, equally energetic people who want to make it big. I made so many new friends here.

I recently got an offer from ZETA, one of the portfolio companies of the DIRECTI group. There could never be a better place to start my tech career and I can’t thank Scaler enough for being my guiding light, always.

With the endless support and dedication, I can definitely say, Scaler Academy is the perfect combination of knowledge, learning and most importantly the right guidance, which is probably the most critical need of any fresher.

But my journey isn’t over yet. Scaler Academy has ensured that I develop an Always On-attitude. I will never stop giving wings to my ideas and imagination. I will keep working on my project “MyMemor”, where I can store my best memories of travel and time.
And yes I will definitely be back with more power, hard work and a new achievement story.

Until then.
If there is one thing you can take from my journey, it is this- Scaler Academy provides you with a very well structured platform, top-level instructors and mentors to guide you. If you are curiously looking for a hardcore skill-building platform and are ready to show discipline and persistence, they will not disappoint you!
Scaler Works and I am a proud Scaler!


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