Scaler Academy taught me my most cherished lessons.

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Scaler Academy taught me my most cherished lessons.

I have gotten rejected often times in my engineering career before landing an actual job, fifteen to twenty times to be precise, but that has never made me give up on my passion.

Never be scared of anything because if you are afraid, you will never be able to display the best of your abilities.

I am Aditya Nagpal, and I have graduated from Maharaja Agrasen Institute of technology in 2019 as a computer science student.

The best part of college was the competitive culture of the place. Everyone used to participate in different activities together, which motivated me to become a part of new and worthy opportunities.

The coding culture in my college wasn’t top-notch, and on-campus placements were a sham and so whoever wanted to become a part of something bigger than themselves had to try their luck elsewhere. And as we all know, off-campus placements were no joyrides either; I felt unprepared, unskilled to crack those interviews, and let’s just say it was not a good feeling.

My learning curve has changed drastically from my first ever job at Wipro to the one that I am doing right now at Arcesium, but every step of my way has due credit to the engineer I have become today. I learned hard work and dedication and, most notably, the need to take responsibility for your risks, and I believe all this combined has made me eligible for the job that I am doing right now.

Perseverance is what has brought me here, and persistence is only what will take me higher, and Scaler has done nothing but to help me in my journey. The organization led me to the resources that I needed to build a concrete foundation for my learning. Whether I am talking about my mentors or the study culture, I possibly cannot ever appreciate them enough.

My former job was with a start-up, and so I like to believe that I am a considerably seasoned engineer in that sense. I know how to handle the pressure, I know how to give my all to a job, and I know how to take something from developing to developed and that in itself is a considerable feat.

The only study trick that I swear by is confidence in whatever you have prepared; being nervous will only pull you down the road. My mentor at Scaler told me the most cherished lesson of my life that even if you are not fully prepared for something, you have to be confident in yourself, and  I can proudly say that this advice has helped me a lot in my career.

My only advice for up and coming engineers will be to aim high and be clear with their goals. If you are determined about what you want to become, you will find some way or the other to accomplish them in all certainty.


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