Scaler Academy taught me to play by my strengths.

Vivek Ghosh
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Development of a skill set should be the focus of an individual. Success will follow, surely.

Cliché as it may be, there is absolutely no other way to gain success other than working hard and being consistent with that hard work.

My name is Vivek Ghosh, and I am working at Skuad after having graduated from UIT Vardhaman.

As a child, the computer classes in my schools and all the gaming I used to during those classes made me fall in love with programming, which I took up in college. I had a knack for problem-solving and logical thinking, which only helped me do better with my studies.

As an amateur who had no idea about coding and programming, my seniors helped me induct into the field. I even ended up making quite a lot of friends with these people, with our shared passion for programming at the center of it all. My fondest memory of college is with these friends. We used to binge-watch movies and series and bring large speakers to our room so as to make the ambiance that of a movie theatre.

My interview process went quite smoothly. The preparation I did with the help of Scaler made things easier for me. The mock interviews that I had with experienced industry professionals helped me get used to the process and gain insight into my own ability to deal with that kind of a situation. My mentor taught me to play by my strengths to present the best of what I can offer as a professional. The ability to be patient and keep calm during challenging situations helps things fall in place.

I firmly believe that it is your skills and work ethic alone that get you to where you want to go in life. Marks matter, but only till you get the interview for your dream job. Rest is dependent solely on your skillset.

A piece of excellent advice that I got from my mentor was that if we focus on getting better by even 1% better each day, over a period of time, we can reach a stage where we are 17% better than what we were when we started.

There tends to be a large disparity between the focus on development and the desire for success. My advice to aspirants would be to focus only on growth as you do competitive coding.

The three virtues that help one achieve the success that they desire are perseverance, hard work, and faith in oneself. However hard you try, there can be no alternative to hard work. Without hard work, you cannot achieve genuine confidence in yourself, which leads to a loss of opportunities because you didn’t believe in yourself. A perfect balance between the three should be any aspirants’ goal.

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