Scaler Academy was the guide I sorely needed!

Ankur Kumar
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Never underestimate the power of self-reflexivity.

You can be an excellent excuse-maker, but you will never be a successful professional at the same time.

Working hard is easy for everyone, but knowing when to begin doing that is what will make or break one’s career. My name is Ankur Kumar, and I am a SDE 2 at Zeta.

My college life was a lot of fun, for I was deeply invested in living my life to the fullest of my ability. Living in Mizoram, a place people visited for holidays, was a different experience. I lacked punctuality in various areas of life. As a result, I was not very sincere when it came to studying. It was only later that I realized that I wasn’t using my potential to be successful. I lacked avenues and pathways that could guide me towards that success.

With Scaler Academy, I found the guide that I needed. Their classes helped restore my faith in my passion and made me feel confident about my abilities. The regularity of the classes made me more responsible and sincere in my learning approach. Additionally, I also got to know more people like me, struggling to understand who they were and what they wanted to do.

Scaler helped me achieve the improvement in my skills just the way I wanted it to. While taking all those interviews, I had to ensure that I was on top of all the material provided to me from every single avenue and I did exactly that.

The interview process was bizarre since it was virtual. It was both a boon and a bane. While it helps you feel comfortable in your own space, it also pulls away from the opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself in daunting situations. Additionally, the technical errors with the videos also tend to destabilize people and take them by surprise. It was very stressful, but then it ended up working out for me.

My advice to all up and coming aspirants is to evolve and introspect throughout your learning process. Be honest about what you can and cannot do. It can be difficult to admit your own mistakes, but once that kind of self-reflection is achieved, there is nothing left but to work on being the best version of yourself. It will determine where you go and how far you go in life.

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