Scaler Academy was the main factor behind my improvement.

Written by: Sai Rohit Dasari
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Success isn’t about single position or a certain amount of salary, it’s being able to improve and grow your skills daily.

I’m Sai Rohit Dasari, and I’m currently a SDE 1 at Workspan. This is my Scaler Academy journey!

I joined Scaler because I was looking for the structured guidance that Scaler provides. DSA was one of the main things I wanted some improvement in, and Scaler is famous for that.

The mentorship aspect was really good, and it helped me a lot in the interviews. The assignments and practice questions helped a lot. I didn’t need any additional guidance to explain any topic after any lecture, since it would be well explained.

I did my 4 year college course, and I did this 6/7 month course at Scaler. But the course here kept all of us occupied and interested to learn more. It’s a vastly different approach from any regular learning path.

I’m a sports lover, and I want to play every game that catches my interest. It’s the same with coding, I wanted to crack every question, and that’s exactly what kept me striving all these months. Every day, I practised around 3-4 hours, and I loved every part of it.

The feedback that we gave in each class was taken seriously, and the instructors improved dynamically in each session. My expectations from Scaler was x, and they delivered 2x. Whatever I thought I would get, Scaler ended up giving me so much more!

For me, it’s not about a company, but all about the role I’m working in. I wish to be somewhere I keep improving, and working on my skills. Scaler provides the environment for improvement, and I’d definitely recommend it to someone who is passionate about CS, and wants to build something on a grand scale!

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