Scaler Diaries: Agnibha Chakraborty’s Journey to Amazon

Written by: Agnibha Chakraborty
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I owe a lot of what I have achieved to my determination that kept me going till I reached where I wanted to be.

As a result of all these unabating efforts, I have ended up at one of the most sought aftern tech giants.

Even those who are not involved in the field of engineering know the level of competition here. Because of this competition, above-average has become so common that you have to traverse that extra mile to stand out. Amidst this craziness, my goal was to aim for extraordinary heights which doubtlessly demanded extra efforts. After working so hard during the initial years, I thought that the ordeal was finally over. It was later that I learned that I hadn’t passed the challenge but simply landed in a much more difficult one. Now I have got you wondering, haven’t I? What might this challenge be? Well, it was the requirement of becoming skilled to the level of industry standards because otherwise, you know how brutal the recruitment drives are.

I have witnessed all these challenges during my graduation. Don’t get me wrong, I had the best college life a person could ask for. I had an amazing peer group and faculty too. In fact, I can trace some of my fondest memories with this profession back to my college years. But despite all the good parts, at some moments, I used to feel that I wasn’t doing enough. I thought that if I needed to stand out, I had to do something other college folks weren’t. This got me searching for online coding courses and I came across Scaler Academy.

After joining the course, I also received a good amount of exposure in terms of coding. Coding was the one area that interested me the most. I mean it was after coding for just a few months in my school that I knew engineering was the field for me.

While the course and faculty were pretty nice, the biggest contribution Scaler made to my growth was in terms of giving me a mentor that I could look up to for inspiration. Manish Ramchand was my mentor during the course and I look up to him to this very date. He groomed me for interviews well. I mean after sessions with him, I didn’t go in for any interview with nervousness or any doubts in my mind about my capabilities.  

My determination played an exceptionally huge role here too. I have learnt that no one can help you progress better than yourself. Despite the kind of overload I used to face while doing Scaler along with my college, I kept on going as I used to set goals for myself. For instance, even at Scaler, I made it a goal to solve as many problems as I could. Due to this, I ended up having the highest percentage in terms of problem-solving by the end of my course. All my efforts culminated to land me at Amazon and I couldn’t have been more satisfied.

While I have stressed the need for putting extra effort from your end, I know from my experience that consistency in motivation is an illusion. No one can be constantly motivated to continue with self-efforts every hour of every day. Everybody faces lag phases and that’s absolutely okay. I have had my share of these days too and during such days, my family was there to help and boost my motivation. Also, since I had a pretty supportive peer group, we used to handle these problems together. By discussing this, I just wish to tell you that allow yourself the luxury of breaks. Taking breaks and refueling your motivation won’t delay your goals, they will just help make the process easier.

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