Scaler Diaries: Pankaj Bhatia’s Journey to Adobe

Written by: Pankaj Bhatia
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Whatever I have done in my life, I have done it with passion and interest.

Whether it was college studies or extracurriculars, it was my passion that bolstered my confidence throughout it all. Even now, when I am working as a senior software engineer in one of the biggest computer software companies, my zeal and interest haven’t faltered.

The first time I realized my inclination towards coding was in grade 9. Unlike other boards, the ICSE board introduces coding in 9th itself. For me, it was more of a compulsion than a choice initially. But I couldn’t have imagined that what seemed like an unnecessary compulsion would end up becoming the field where I will find my calling. Within just a few months, coding became enjoyable for me.

After joining Guru Nanak Dev University in Amritsar, I explored a plethora of different things in a much broader context. Alongside my course, I took part in many different things in college. I held managerial roles at student organizations like the technical student society. Then, I was also involved in the organization of a majority of festivals in the college. All these things along with my course made my graduation a very wholesome experience. These experiences helped me in my work life as well.  

Before telling you about my work life, I will let you know that it wasn’t all rosy for me either. I had my share of fears too. I used to be scared of solving problems and participating in Hackathons. For instance, solving a 150-word long problem with precision was a nightmare for me at a point of time in my life. Now, it seems like a foregone phase of the distant past because honestly, I have practiced so much in the past few years that I know I can take on any problem regardless of its level of difficulty.

I had started practicing on InterviewBit in 2016 and then joined Scaler’s course in 2020. During my course, I used to attend 2-3 hours of lectures, and then I would also give extra hours for self-practice. Amongst these things, a sense of personal touch was supplemented by my interactions with my mentor. As I said, participating in Hackathons always seemed like a difficult task to me. In this context, my mentor helped me gain confidence in my expertise and also helped me deal with the phase of rejections.

Even while working, I haven’t limited myself to stipulated job roles. Before the work-from-home setup, I was often involved in the organization of corporate events during which I drew upon my college experience in extracurriculars. I am working in Adobe Systems currently as a senior software engineer and I feel that I am still on the road to learning.

Learning and working in this field has taught me that your commitment and consistency can do unimaginable wonders. Always keep the bigger picture, that is, your goal in mind and hard work will come naturally to you!

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