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Scaler Diaries: Shauryadeep Singh’s journey to Mastercard

It is a completely human thing to want to be able to control one’s entire life. We may be able to choose what we wear, what we eat, or the friends we make. However, our career is often stirred by big corporations, external factors, and the limited opportunities at our disposal. This is exactly how I felt when I was working a corporate job but was yearning for a change.

I’m Shauryadeep Singh, and this is my story of gaining control over my own life.

I grew up in Pune, with parents that were both engineers. My father, who is a computer engineer, encouraged me to pursue my degree in electronics and telecommunication. I graduated from Pune Institute of Computer Technology with a placement at Accenture. Having worked there for seven months, I switched to E-mudra because the work was more captivating and interesting to me. I was working there on a data analysis product when I realized my current skill set hindered my growth.

One of my hobbies is reading, and I once read a book titled “Only the Paranoid Survive.” It was about the founder of Intel, who struggled to stay relevant in the 1970s and 1980s when the entire semiconductor industry was rapidly changing. I felt an odd connection with that film because I had realised it was time to familiarize myself with the latest technology and upgrade my programming skills.

This is when I researched Scaler Academy. Some of my batchmates have interned with InterviewBit, so I knew the company, and upon searching, I came across LinkedIn posts of the founders Abhimanyu and Anshuman. Unlike other ed-techs, there was less emphasis on placements and the focus was on revamping one’s skills. I was attracted to the founders’ perception and how they were going about it, so I joined!

There’s one thing no one tells you about the process of upskilling yourself while working a full time job. The conflict of doing your 100% at both endeavours can leave you exhausted and that’s what happened to me. There were days I could barely spare an hour to code. At other times, I would spend three hours at a stretch going to bed relatively late. Since I pursued a different course in university, Scaler really helped me gain consistency, patience, and a certain amount of comfort sitting in front of the computer staring at new codes. As for the Scaler community and teaching assistants, I remember some of them picking up the phone to help me at 2 am at night! I doubt even friends would do that for each other in this day and age.

Today I am employed at Mastercard and I am still learning. As a keen admirer of Rodger Federer, who never stops working on his skills even when he’s at the top, I will also always keep working on my craft. There’s never a moment where one can say they know everything about anything; so I want to keep learning and become a better person, both personally and professionally!

I hope that I will be able to contribute a significant amount of Mastercard products and be able to work on an extensive distribution system in the future! Now, I have complete control over my life and I intend to make it as eventful and exciting as possible!

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