Scaler Diaries: Tanuj Kumar Pathak's Journey to Brick & Bolt

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Scaler Diaries: Tanuj Kumar Pathak's Journey to Brick & Bolt

Honesty is the best policy. But how often are we honest with ourselves? Well, my story is about how I came to be true to myself!

My name is Tanuj Kumar Pathak, and I’m a Software Developer at Brick & Bolt. I am a keen lover of playing chess and cricket and exploring new travel destinations in my leisure time. I belong to a family of high achievers and so growing up in a challenging environment encouraged me to aspire to be better.

I belong to a middle-class family. The person I looked up to was my elder cousin who was a Software Developer. I saw him take his family to the next level of financial growth through his diligent work and perseverance. Walking the same path as my cousin became my only true motivation. It also became my true intention behind choosing the field of Software Engineering.

I pursued my graduation from Raj Kumar Goel Institute of Technology. Personally, I was never happy with my college. I regretted not being able to qualify for IIIT or some better college. I didn’t get a lot of opportunities for good internships or training programs to practice my skills first-hand. Because of this, I had a tough time in my first job at Wipro. The training that I should’ve received during college internships was transmitted to me as an excessive amount of workload at Wipro with absolutely no good environment to learn. I became dejected because of my situation, and somehow, I felt like there was no way out.

When my brother realized that I seriously lacked the skills to perform well at my first job, he recommended Scaler to me. He encouraged me and made me believe that I could also get a high-paying job and climb the ladder of success if I invest some time up-skilling myself. The most motivating thing he has ever told me was that I can still dream big and fulfill all of my biggest dreams no matter where I stand today. This was reason enough for me to enrol myself at Scaler.

Because of my day job, I had to listen to recorded lectures at night. I would spend most of my weekends analyzing the lessons and taking notes. I struggled initially, but later, I understood that self-discipline is the only way to stay on top of my classes and truly upskill myself. I  was told to focus on short-term goals first and not skip the process of learning for a high salary range.

I got the courage, to be honest, and demand a job with a learning environment that is exactly what my current Job at Brick & Bolt is all about. What I thought was impossible was made possible by Scaler by finding the right company for me to demonstrate my beginner-level skills.

Today, I treat my current job as if it is my own company. I do this because I envision having my own company after accumulating the required capital one day. I know that I will need these skills ten years down the line, so I treat this hard work as an asset more than anything else. I now realize that I cannot skip the process of learning. If my current circumstances don’t provide me with good learning opportunities, I must find them on my own. If I don’t think my job makes me learn the things I want to be learning, I should have the courage to look for a new one. Nothing is impossible as long as you focus on your short-term goals, which will inevitably lead to you attaining long-term success.


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