Scaler Edge is exactly what I was looking for, and what I needed.

Written by: Aditya Sai
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As a kid, I was awestruck by computers. I loved applications like MS Paint and Logo. I couldn’t believe that if you fed some instructions into the computer, it performed tasks. It was like magic! In high school, I got interested in Java and games like Grand Theft Auto (GTA). By the time I left school, I knew without doubt that computer science engineering was the field I wanted to be in.

I’m Aditya Sai, and here’s how I got here.

At college, towards the end of my first year, when the pandemic struck and the lockdown was announced, I decided to make use of the opportunities available. I delved into coding and web development. That’s when I heard about Scaler and attended one of their workshops  — and was convinced that the course being offered was in sync with my goals. In my opinion, starting as early as possible in the competitive coding field gives you a bigheads up.

I love learning concepts practically, through YouTube, on my own, via coding contests and hackathons. And Scaler was exactly what I was looking for — it is completely practice-oriented.

I’ve had an amazing learning experience so far. My teaching assistant Vibhor Vimal Sir constantly checks if we are solving coding problems, ensuring we practice daily. Kshitij Mishra Sir is one of my favourite instructors at Scaler. His classes make me want to pay attention.

Naman Bhalla Sir from Google is my mentor here. He is very knowledgeable about different products and industries. He guides me on the hiring process of companies and their individual requirements, the differences between working at a startup as opposed to a tech giant, and much more. Bhalla Sir always gives me specific and detailed information on all matters.

The students at Scaler are genuinely passionate about what they are studying. They are competitive, motivate me to perform better — and are also fun to be around. They want to ask questions, and the teaching assistants and instructors are keen on answering them as well. Solutions to our doubts are just a message away. I just need to raise a problem on our portal and I get answers immediately.

I remember an interactive session with all the students at Scaler. It is one of my most memorable experiences here. To me, it’s rare to see educational institutions conducting such informal and lively events. It was a virtual meet up — we connected through Zoom, got introduced to each other, chatted, and played games. It felt like we were all friends hanging out together. I look forward to more such sessions.

My biggest dream is to work at Google. I feel Google has today become as important as a need as food, clothing, and shelter.

In the future, I also see myself working at or running an automobile startup. My role would ideally be a backend one, and would involve coding as well as aspects of mechanical engineering.

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