Scaler has helped me become a better professional.

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Scaler has helped me become a better professional.

My mentors and my guides became my lifeboat when I needed them, and I am here to return the favor to someone else in need.

I am Ayush Tripathi, from Allahabad, currently working at LinkedIn. Thanks to my familial support, I had always been a deserving student, especially my father, a self-made man and strived to provide us with the best of all avenues.

He always told us that education was the window to the world and placed extreme emphasis on working hard. This thought was what I was brought up with, and I believe this thought has made me the person I am.

As for my academic inclination, I was a natural at computers and math. When I got my computer, it felt like I had the entire world to explore at my fingertips. So when the time came to choose my graduation branch, it seemed like a no-brainer that I should opt for IT or Computer Sciences.

I cleared the engineering entrance exams and secured a seat in the much-coveted IIIT-Hyderabad. Stepping into college was stepping into a different world altogether - where I had a chance to meet and interact with people from several different walks of life.

College was competitive and extremely demanding, but I got way sided with the abundance of available distractions and saw an expected drop in my academics. My intellect helped me sail through those years, and I managed to get by with help from my peers and seniors.

It was at that time that I heard of competitive coding. I researched and read about some legendary names in competitive coding, and rest as they became history. I was hooked. I really wanted to explore this world of coding and master all the requisite skills.  

As a LinkedIn developer, my work profile is exceptionally flexible, and I delve into a diverse range of projects. This profile provides me with the requisite experience and spirit required for mentoring.

My association with Scaler has been an extremely fruitful one. I used to practice on InterviewBit in my college days. Considering I had always associated a significant part of my success to my mentors when the academy approached me with this opportunity of being able to mentor young coding enthusiasts, I couldn’t say no. I was delighted that they believed me to be capable of providing this guidance. I think this mentorship has helped me as well and in ways more than one. I have learned tremendously and have grown to become a better professional.


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