Scaler launches its new brand campaign for hungry techies

Written by: Simran Thakur
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~The campaign illustrates the importance of self-driven learning to tackle real-world challenges and highlights the importance of acquiring the right skill sets to create a mark in the dynamic tech landscape through three brand films~

Scaler, one of India’s fastest-growing tech upskilling startups, announced the launch of a brand campaign that emphasises the importance of working professionals pursuing their hunger for learning and continuing their upskilling journeys to maintain their edge in the competitive tech industry. The new campaign from Scaler comes when the tech and startup sector faces challenges around profitability and productivity. With several organisations cutting off non-essential staff, it is an opportune time for working professionals to focus on building their skill sets to continue their career growth.

The first film in the series highlights how everyone has dreams and aspirations, and fantasies about success and growth, but only those with a real hunger to achieve their dreams and goals succeed. Dreaming is not enough; you have got to push hard and work towards achieving your dreams. And that’s why Scaler programmes are rigorous. They demand not only aptitude but high hunger and drive from their learners. Scaler offers upcoming tech professionals the opportunity to overcome their career obstacles and challenges by creating an ecosystem of learning that enables them to tackle the dynamic challenges the industry presents to professionals. As the film progresses to portraying the boy breaking open a door, Scaler paints a notion of a harsh environment teaching the professionals to push their limits. The second and third films will be released over the next few days. They will continue this conversation and focus more on the solution that Scaler provides tech professionals in their upskilling journey, including industry mentorship and access to the latest technology. Through this campaign, Scaler wants to engage with techies who have a fire in their belly, are hungry to learn and are not just daydreamers. This is not just an ad campaign but a hunger test for 5 million techies out there.

Rahul Karthikeyan, Chief Marketing Officer, Scaler & Interviewbit, stated, “Technology is advancing much faster than ever before. Tech professionals are often overwhelmed by the obligations and demands of the industry. With our new brand campaign, we want our professionals to continue the learning journey of acquiring new skill sets and adapting themselves to cater to the industry’s changing dynamics. With this campaign, we want to empower professionals to take control and steer their careers to success on their terms by grabbing the right kind of support and guidance available to them at the right time. Our creative agency has managed to break away from conventional clutter by delivering a compelling message that will effectively reach the tech professional grappling with similar issues in any part of the country.”

“Haven’t we all seen people daydreaming in the office? And there are those who want to break the inertia and do something. They are the hungry ones. They don’t live in a dream bubble. They are go-getters. And that’s the kind of people Scaler wants to teach. This was the insight that helped us crack the creative idea. And rather than just a TVC, we  planned an integrated approach starting with the Masterclass where techies will have to take a Hunger Test to gauge their temperament. Also, while working on the execution, we wanted to move away from the 4 walls of an office set-up. So we propped a barren desert like an office…very metaphoric! We’re confident that this campaign will inspire the hungry ones to come and learn. As for the dreamers, they can continue to dream. Because, sapne dekhne ke liye paise nahi lagte.” Suyash Khabya, Creative Head, The Womb.

This brand campaign will be predominantly digital-led, following the digital-first approach by the company. The film will be released across social media platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. The brand will also engage with prominent national and regional social media influencers to create a buzz around the campaign.

In the last year, Scaler launched multiple effective brand campaigns focusing on various product offerings and services. The first-ever campaign was an engaging short film that drew on popular shows and internet references. The second film highlighted the true story of a Scaler learner placed in a global tech company with the guidance of his Scaler mentor. Another film highlighted the importance of producing capable techies experienced towards tackling Data Science & Machine Learning (DS & ML). Scaler also introduced a B2B campaign aimed at global and home-grown tech giants highlighting the emerging shift in the status quo, with companies preferring the right skills. Scaler has produced two web series – B.E Rozgaar and 30 Weds 21 – explicitly written for the brand in vernacular languages. Currently, both series have millions of views per episode on YouTube.

Credit list:

Rahul Karthikeyan
Ranjeet Kumar
Harshal Ghatole
Ankita Sharma

The Womb
Founders – Kawal Shoor & Navin Talreja
Account Management – Heval Patel, Megha Jaiswal, Kunal Singh
Creative – Suyash Khabya, Gunjan Gaba, Rohit Sharma, Paritosh Lonkar, Ankita Sawant
Strategy – Manisha Sain, Sneha Raina, Ipshita Khan
Production House – KITCHEN.VIDEO
Director – Koushik Sarkar
Producer – Avishek Ghosh

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